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Below is a list of ORD publications that meet you research criteria. To view a complete abstract and other detailed information, simply select the title which will allow you to drill-down to more information. Your search has returned 7 matching records

U.S. EPA. Dermal Exposure Assessment: A Summary of EPA Approaches. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC, EPA/600/R-07/040F.
U.S. EPA. Guidelines for Exposure Assessment. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Risk Assessment Forum, Washington, DC, EPA/600/Z-92/001, 1992.
Lorber, M. Indirect Exposure Assessment at the U.S. EPA. , Toxicology and Industrial Health 17(5): 145-156, (2001).
LORBER, M. Indirect Exposure Assessment at the United States Enronmental Protection Agency. , TOXICOLOGY AND INDUSTRIAL HEALTH. Princeton Scientific Publishers, Princeton, NJ, 17(5):145-156, (2001).
Sarnat, J. A., W. E. WILSON, M. Strand, J. Brook, R. Wyzga, AND T. Lumley. Panel Discussion Review: Session 1 - Exposure Assessment and Related Errors in Air Pollution Epidemiologic Studies. , Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology . Nature Publishing Group, London, Uk, 17(Suppl 2):S75-82, (2007).
FRISTACHI, A., G. E. RICE, J. STEEVENS, F. SATTAERSTROM, AND I. LINKOV. A Preliminary Exposure Assessment of Microcystins from Consumption of Drinking Water in the United States (Journal Article). , LAKE AND RESERVOIR MANAGEMENT. North American Lake Management Society, Madison, WI, 23(2):203-210, (2007).

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