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Below is a list of ORD publications that meet you research criteria. To view a complete abstract and other detailed information, simply select the title which will allow you to drill-down to more information. Your search has returned 11 matching records

U.S. EPA. 2013 Final Report: Integrated Science Assessment for Lead. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC, EPA/600/R-10/075F, 2013.
AIR QUALITY CRITERIA DOCUMENT(S) FOR LEAD. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC.
U.S. EPA. AIR QUALITY CRITERIA FOR LEAD (2006) Final Report. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC, EPA/600/R-05/144aF-bF, 2006.
Selevan, S., D. Rice, K. Hogan, S. Euling, A. Pfahles-Autchens, AND J. Bethel. BLOOD LEAD CONCENTRATION AND DELAYED PUBERTY IN GIRLS. , NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE. Massachusetts Medical Society, Waltham, MA, 348:1527-1536, (2003).
Meng, Q., J. Richmond-Bryant, Allen Davis, J. Cohen, D. Svendsgaard, J. Brown, L. Tuttle, H. Hubbard, J. Rice, L. Vinikoor-Imler, J. Sacks, E. Kirrane, D. Kotchmar, E. P. HINES, AND M. Ross. Contribution of particle-size-fractionated airborne lead to blood lead during National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 1999-2008. , ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY. John Wiley & Sons, Ltd., Indianapolis, IN, 48(2):1263-1270, (2013).
U.S. EPA. HEALTH AND ENVIRONMENTAL EFFECTS PROFILE FOR LEAD ALKYLS. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, D.C., EPA/600/X-85/285 (NTIS PB88174511), 1985.
MUDIPALLI, A. Lead Hepatotoxicity and Potential Health Effects. , Indian Journal of Medical Research. The Indian Journal of Medical Research, New Delhi, INDIA, 126(6):518-527, (2007).
WHITE, L. D., D. CORY-SLECHTA, M. E. GILBERT, E. Tiffany-Castiglioni, N. H. Zawia, M. Virgolini, A. Rossi-George, S. M. Lasley, Y. QIAN, AND R. Basha. New and Evolving Concepts in the Neurotoxicology of Lead. , TOXICOLOGY AND APPLIED PHARMACOLOGY. Academic Press Incorporated, Orlando, FL, 225(1):1-27, (2007).
U.S. EPA. PROCEEDINGS OF "THE LEAD REMEDIATION EFFECTIVENESS SYMPOSIUM". , Science of the Total Environment 303(1&2):1-185 , (2003).
Elias, R W. SOURCES AND PATHWAYS OF LEAD EXPOSURE. Presented at Workshop on Childhood Lead Poisoning, Lima, Peru, May 7-10, 2001.

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