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Environmental Assessment

Fat Intake Analysis

Picture of Meat, Poultry, Fish and Eggs


Certain chemicals, such as dioxins tend to accumulate in fat tissue. Information about the total animal fat intake is necessary to adequately assess exposures and risks from these chemicals. Under this project, NCEA will desegregate the components of the various food items in the USDA food consumption survey 94-96 to conduct analysis aimed at obtaining the amount of fat intake by individuals. Results will be presented in terms of grams consumed per kilogram of body weight per day. If possible, data will also be broken out by region, urbanization, age groups, and sex. In addition to the distribution of fat intake, NCEA will determine how the total fat intake is distributed among the various animal fat food products. Most importantly, what is the dietary break_out for high animal fat consumers.


External review draft report - September 2001

Anticipated completion - January 2002


For further information, please contact: Jacqueline Moya, National Center for Environmental Assessment, by phone (202-564-3245), fax (202-565-0079) or email  Jacqueline Moya.

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