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Individual's Diet Composition Study

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Using the data from the USDA Continuing Survey of Food Intake by Individuals (CSFII) 1994-1996 an analysis was conducted to determine the composition of individual’s diets. Total dietary intake was defined as intake of the sum of all foods in the following major food groups: dairy, eggs, meats, fish, fats, grains, vegetables, and fruits. Distributions of total dietary intakes were developed for the entire survey population and various age groups and demographic groups. Means, standard errors, and percentiles of total dietary intake were estimated in units of g/kg-day as well as g/day. Analyses were also conducted for three subsets of individuals: the low end (i.e. below the 10th percentile of total intake); a central group (i.e., the 45th to 55th percentile of total intake); and the high end (i.e., above the 90th percentile of total intake). The contributions to the major food groups to the total dietary intake was calculated for these three groups. This is an innovative analysis that allows the assessor to estimate the diet composition of the high end meat eaters, for example.


External Review - completed July 2001

Anticipated completion - November 2001


For further information, please contact: Jacqueline Moya, National Center for Environmental Assessment, by phone (202-564-3245), fax (202-565-0079) or email  Jacqueline Moya.

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