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The HPV search page contains three different ways to search. The three different searches are: (1) fielded search, (2) a free text and database search, and (3) a combination of both (1) and (2). Combination of searches is possible through the use of operators.


- <AND> operator allows two searches to combine and retrieve results that only exist in both searches.
- <OR> operator allows two searches to combine and retrieve all of the results in both searches.

1. Fielded Search

There are five different fielded searches. They are: Sponsor Names, Category Names, Chemical Names, CAS Numbers, and Submission Titles. Between each fielded search, there is an option to combine searches through <AND> and <OR> operators. Operators usage is explained above.

2. Free Text and Database Search

The free text and database search is an option to search data existing in the database and through the Verity Search Engine system for more accuracy on searches. This search handles a search string from the user and build upon the <AND> and <OR> operators. An example of the search will be "Acetic Acid<OR>Cyclohexanol".

3. Combination of Both the Fielded Search and the Free Text Database Search

To search a combination of both the fielded search and the free text database search, a set of the <AND> and <OR> operators are used.

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