Certified Renovation Firms

Renovation firms must apply for recertification every 5 years. The expiration of each firm's current certification is listed below. Go to EPA's lead-safe certification program webpage for more information or to apply online.

The following certified firm matches the criteria that you specified.

  • Firm Name : zion home remodeling
  • Firm Location: 2827 citrus ln (within 50 miles)
  • Discipline: Renovation

  • Firm Discipline Certification Number Expiration Date
    Zion Home Remodeling
    2827 Citrus Lane
    Springdale , Maryland 20774
    Renovation NAT-F172776-1


    For your convenience, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) publishes this list of certified renovation firms that meet EPA's standards to perform renovation activities involving lead-based paint. The list is an information resource only. EPA does not endorse any of the firms included on this list nor do we provide any warranty about their performance. Consumers are advised to request bids and conduct reference checks before engaging any firm/contractor.