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Welcome to ECOTOX

The ECOTOXicology knowledgebase (ECOTOX) is a comprehensive, publicly available knowledgebase providing single chemical environmental toxicity data on aquatic life, terrestrial plants and wildlife.

MARCH 2017

With the March 14, 2017 ECOTOX update, data has been added for the following Recent Chemicals of Interest to EPA:

  • Asulam
  • Buprofezin
  • Cloransulam
  • Fluopicolide
  • Prometryn
  • Quinoxyfen
  • Selenium
  • Terbacil


The ECOTOX Browser and Excel report formats have been updated to provide a concise view of the ECOTOX data retrieved. This new format allows you to quickly explore your data by limiting the number of data columns in the report.

Excel Condensed option The report format contains 30 data fields and displays the mean values for Chemical Purity, Organism Age, Observation Duration and Concentration data fields. The Excel report also provides a summary column for Min/Max and additional concentration values that have been removed from the report body. You are able to retrieve a report containing all data fields in their own column by deselecting the Condensed check box on the report format tab (see right).


Excel Condensed option

You still have the ability to retrieve additional data fields in the ECOTOX Advanced query. Go to the Report Format tab; select the Edit/View Sort/Display for aquatic or terrestrial data. Once there, select the additional data fields for your report. If any modifications are made to report selections, the concise view is removed.

Please see the FAQ "What are the default ECOTOX report data fields?" for the complete list of data fields in the default report.

SEARCH TIP: Chemical, Species and Effect Groups

Recently in the news it was reported that Pesticides and Personal Care Products can have effects on frog species behavior and reproduction, especially estrogen, a personal care product, in the urban environment. To locate examples of related effects in ECOTOX, the following query can be completed by searching Chemical Group, Species Group and Effect in the ECOTOX Advanced Query.

  1. Open Advanced Query
  2. On the Taxonomic tab, Predefined Taxonomic Groups, select Amphibians
  3. On the Chemical tab, select Pharmaceutical Personal Care Products (PPCPs) from the Predefined Chemical Groups
  4. On the Test Results tab, select Behavior Group and Reproduction Group
  5. Select 'Perform Query for Aquatic Data' for aquatic life stages or 'Perform Query for Terrestrial Data' for the terrestrial life stages

Forty-two (42) aquatic records and nineteen (19) terrestrial records will be retrieved. An example of the aquatic browser report with search terms highlighted is below.

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DISCLAIMER: You should consult the original scientific paper to ensure an understanding of the context of the data retrieved from ECOTOX.

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