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Aquatic ASCII Downloads

Below is a history of updates made to the Aquatic download file prior to version 5. 

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Date of Update Reason for Update Files Updated
09/14/2011 Scheduled update. All
06/15/2011 Scheduled update. All
03/16/2011 Scheduled update. All
12/15/2010 Scheduled update. Changed species_taxonomy.txt to pipe-delimited format. Added new file - species_groups.txt. All
06/16/2010 Scheduled update. All
03/17/2010 Scheduled update. All
12/16/2009 Scheduled update. All
09/16/2009 Scheduled update. All
06/24/2009 Scheduled update. All
02/11/2009 Scheduled update. All
11/12/2008 Scheduled update. All
03/05/2008 Scheduled update. All
12/12/2007 Scheduled update. All
09/07/2007 Scheduled update. All
04/09/2007 Scheduled update. All
09/21/2006 Scheduled update. All
02/22/2006 Scheduled update. All
10/04/2005 Scheduled update. All
01/15/2004 Regular quarterly update. All
09/01/2003 Regular quarterly update. All
05/05/2003 Regular quarterly update. All
12/20/2002 Regular quarterly update. All
01/10/2002 Regular quarterly update. All
05/22/2002 Regular quarterly update. All
12/20/2001 Regular quarterly update plus format change. All
07/07/2001 Regular quarterly update. All
05/15/2001 Regular quarterly update. All (Added Table
 Relations PDF)
12/20/2000 Regular quarterly update. All
10/17/2000 It was discovered that a significant number of remarks were omitted from the 9/18/2000 release and all previous releases. These are now available as a part of this download.  remarks.txt
09/18/2000 Regular quarterly update. All
06/20/2000 Regular quarterly update. All
05/17/2000 First release of AQUIRE data set using the ECOTOX Release 2 format. Important! Significant changes have been made to the data table structures since the previous release. All
10/13/99 Several changes were made to the data tables to repair incorrect or missing data, the changes were:
  • The study controls were incorrect for a subset of the records.
  • The organic carbon type values were incorrect and have been replaced with the correct values.
  • The reviewer field was edited to fix a known problem where two reviewers were listed under the same set of initials, CAR.  These have now been split into CAR and DXC.
  • The water depth records were missing from the previous releases and have been added.
aquire.txt, water-
10/04/99 Some species were missing from the species lookup file and have now been added. species.txt
09/16/99 Some chemicals were missing from the chemical lookup file and have now been added. chemicals.txt
08/12/99 The Office of Pesticide Programs data was omitted from the original download, it is now included. opp.txt
08/01/99 Original release of data.  


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