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ECOTOX ASCII version 5 is now available. Note the table structures have changed significantly. Both the AQUATIC (AQUIRE) and TERRESTRIAL (TERRETOX) data sets have been combined into a single, unified database (ECOTOX). Aquatic and Terrestrial data may be filtered by using the ORGANISM_HABITAT field on the TESTS table. Consult the enclosed data structure documentation for more details. Please contact ECOTOX support if you have any difficulty with the new structure.

You can download the entire ECOTOX data set as pipe( | ) delimited ASCII files. This does not include any software and will require reconstructing various files together in order to assemble a working database. Within the zip file, you will find data tables, field descriptions and graphical relations of the data structure. Consult the documents listed below for information on how to make use of the data files.

  • The data files are stored in a Windows compatible self-extracting ZIP format and can be accessed by double clicking on the ecotox_ascii_**-**-****.exe file once it has been downloaded to your computer. 

  • For more information on the individual fields contained in each of the records, download the ECOTOX Coding Guidelines (PDF)and ECOTOX Code Appendix (PDF).

  • Listed below is a recent history of the updates made to the download file. Select the data set you want to download by clicking the date field for that data set. 

    Date of Update Reason for Update Files Updated
    03/15/2018 Scheduled update. All. Migrated to new FTP site.
    12/14/2017 Scheduled update. All.
    Note the following field size has increased:
    09/14/2017 Scheduled update. All.
    06/15/2017 Scheduled update. All.
    03/14/2017 Scheduled update. All.
    12/15/2016 Scheduled update. All.
    09/15/2016 Scheduled update. All.
    06/15/2016 Scheduled update. All.
    03/15/2016 Scheduled update. All.
    12/15/2015 Scheduled update. All.
    09/15/2015 Scheduled update. All. Added release_notes_mm_dd_yyyy.txt file containing list of tables with record and column counts.
    06/15/2015 Scheduled update. All.
    03/09/2015 Scheduled update. All.
    12/12/2014 Scheduled update. All.
    09/15/2014 Scheduled update. All.
    06/12/2014 Scheduled update. All. Note the following field sizes have increased:
    03/12/2014 Scheduled update. All
    12/12/2013 Scheduled update. All
    09/13/2013 Scheduled update. All
    06/14/2013 Scheduled update. All
    03/06/2013 Scheduled update. All
    12/14/2012 Scheduled update. All. Note BCF1 mean/min/max, BCF2 mean/min/max, BCF3 mean/min/max field width expanded from 10 to 20 characters in RESULTS table.
    09/14/2012 Scheduled update. All
    06/15/2012 Scheduled update. All
    03/15/2012 Scheduled update. All

  • A historical log of previous aquatic and terrestrial downloads is provided in the links below.
  • Aquatic Downloads Terrestrial Downloads


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