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Discharge Monitoring Report (DMR) Pollutant Loading Tool

Note: This area of the DMR Loading Tool includes data used for EPA's annual review of industrial effluent discharges. EPA's Office of Water is responsible for developing programs and tools authorized under the Clean Water Act (CWA), which enables EPA and the states to protect and restore the Nation's waters. The CWA requires EPA to annually review and, if appropriate, revise its water pollution control technology-based regulations, called "effluent limitations guidelines" or "effluent guidelines" that limit the discharge of pollutants to waters of the U.S. from industrial facilities. As part of the EPA's annual reviews, EPA estimates the load of pollutants discharged using a combination of discharge monitoring report (DMR) data, from ICIS-NPDES, and Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) data. EPA also assigns a relative toxic weight to the estimated loads to rank industrial categories by toxic weighted pound equivalents (TWPE). For more background on EPA's effluent guidelines program see EPA's Effluent Guidelines website.

EPA reviews the DMR and TRI data used to calculate effluent loads and TWPE for accuracy prior to further investigating industrial categories for possible effluent guideline revisions. For identified outlier data, EPA contacts states and facilities to confirm and update (if appropriate) data values and units. For information on the methodology and types of changes identified, see EPA's most recent odd-numbered year Annual Effluent Guidelines Review Report on the Effluent Guidelines Plan webpage. Because of this review and EPA's methodology for interpreting data and calculating loads, the calculated loads and category rankings may differ from original calculations using DMR and TRI data that have not been updated. Data that have been updated by EPA's annual reviews are indicated by green flags designating that a change has been made to a concentration, quantity, or flow value. A listing of the DMR and TRI data changes from the most recent annual review is available in the Annual Effluent Guidelines Review Report Appendices.

Point Source Category Information - Glass manufacturing (DMR)

EPA 304M Annual Review flag — Indicates load was altered by EPA’s 304M Annual Review. You can hover over the green flag to see the original load from the DMR data.

Top Pollutants - Toxic-Weighted Pounds (TWPE) (2011)
Pollutant Name Total DMR TWPE (lb-eq/yr) % of Category TWPE Cumulative % of
Category TWPE
1,1-Dichloroethylene 783 66.8 66.8
Arsenic 207 17.6 84.5
Total Residual Chlorine 54.3 4.63 89.1
Lead 44.3 3.78 92.9
Copper 36.9 3.15 96.1
Fluoride 20.7 1.77 97.8
Aluminum 9.42 0.804 98.7
Chloride 8.026 0.68 99.3
Zinc 2.65 0.22 99.6
Cadmium 1.74 0.14 99.7

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Top Receiving Watersheds (2011)
HUC-12 Code HUC Name Total DMR TWPE (lb-eq/yr)
041000090904 Delaware Creek-Maumee River 204
060101020704 Kendrick Creek-South Fork Holston River 26.5
051002050505 Clarks Run 25.4
041000010309 Detwiler Ditch-Frontal Lake Erie 17.06
051201060203 Winola Lake-Eagle Creek 13.7
050200020204 Outlet Elk Creek 11.1
051002050707 Grier Creek-Kentucky River 10.6
041503020904 Barter Creek-Oswegatchie River 10.5
071300010201 Illinois Canyon-Illinois River 8.59
020501050404 Whisky Creek-Chemung River 1.91

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Top Facility Discharges in Toxic-Weighted Pounds (TWPE) (2011)
NPDES ID Facility Name City, State SIC Code HUC-12 Code Top Pollutant Top Pollutant TWPE (lb-eq/yr)
SC0000400 OWENS CORNING VETROTEX LLC - ANDERSON SC ANDERSON, SC 3229 030601030203 1,1-Dichloroethylene 783
OH0002453 PILKINGTON NORTH AMERICA INC ROSSFORD, OH 3211 041000090904 Arsenic 204
MAG250911 SAINT GOBAIN CONTAINERS MILFORD, MA 3221 010700050101 Total Residual Chlorine 25.5
KY0002607 PHILIPS LIGHTING CO DANVILLE, KY 3229 051002050505 Lead 25.4
TN0003905 AGC SOLAR BLUE RIDGE PLANT KINGSPORT, TN 3211 060101020704 Copper 14.6
IN0045578 DALTON CORPORATION WARSAW MANUFACTURING FACILITY WARSAW, IN 3211 051201060203 Total Residual Chlorine 13.7
TN0003905 AGC SOLAR BLUE RIDGE PLANT KINGSPORT, TN 3211 060101020704 Total Residual Chlorine 11.9
KY0097373 LEDVANCE LLC - GLASS PLANT VERSAILLES, KY 3229 051002050707 Lead 10.6
NC0004685 PPG INDUSTRIES FIBER GLASS PRODUCTS INC SHELBY, NC 3229 030501050704 Copper 10.2
NC0004685 PPG INDUSTRIES FIBER GLASS PRODUCTS INC SHELBY, NC 3229 030501050704 Fluoride 9.24

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