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Discharge Monitoring Report (DMR) Pollutant Loading Tool

Note: The tool uses discharge monitoring report (DMR) data from ICIS-NPDES to calculate pollutant discharge amounts. EPA has verified the accuracy of the tool’s calculations. EPA has also performed a limited review of the underlying data that has focused on facilities with the largest amounts of pollutant discharges. Due to the large amount of DMR data, some errors exist in ICIS-NPDES DMR data. Please see the User Guides page for instructions on how to use the tool and how to correct errors in ICIS-NPDES. The tool also uses wastewater pollutant discharge data from the Toxics Release Inventory (TRI). Contact Us with any comments or questions about the tool, and sign up for our e-mail news bulletin to be notified when new data, enhancements, or training materials become available.

Effluent Limit Exceedances Search

Instructions. This search identifies instances where discharge monitoring self reporting data indicates there was an exceedance of the NPDES permit effluent limit. The boxes below provide search options to help you determine where discharges are occurring (Location or Watershed Box), what pollutants are discharged (Pollutant Box), and who the dischargers of interest are (Industry Box). Change the criteria in one or more of the boxes below and click the Search button to retrieve exceedances information. For more information about how to use this search feature, refer to the Effluent Limit Exceedances Search Help.

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