Superfund Cleanup Subject Listing


This category includes guidance and policy on the use of liens in appropriate Superfund enforcement cases pursuant to CERCLA sections 107(l) and 107(r).

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Windfall Lien Administrative Procedures: Frequent Questions - (4/16/08)
Freqently asked questions related to the January 2008 Windfall Lien Administrative Procedures Guidance.
https://www.epa.gov/enforcement/fact-sheet-frequent-questions-regarding-cercla-section-107r-windfall-liens (PDF 57 K)
Windfall Lien Administrative Procedures - (1/8/08)
Transmittal memorandum and attachments addressing implementation of section 107(r) of Superfund, the windfall lien provision on property acquired by a bona fide prospective purchaser.
https://www.epa.gov/enforcement/guidance-windfall-lien-administrative-procedures-107r-lien-and-model-letter-providing (PDF 921 K)
Model Notice of Intent to File a Windfall Lien Letter - (1/8/08)
Model notice of intent to file a windfall lien letter (attachment to Windfall lien administrative procedures memorandum).
https://www.epa.gov/enforcement/model-notice-intent-file-windfall-lien-letter (PDF 89 K)
Interim Enforcement Discretion Policy Concerning Windfall Liens Under Section 107(r) of CERCLA - (7/16/03)
This memorandum discusses EPA and DOJ interim policy implementation of the new CERCLA 107(r) windfall lien provision contained in the 2002 Brownfields Amendments.
https://www.epa.gov/enforcement/interim-guidance-enforcement-discretion-concerning-windfall-liens-cercla-section-107r (PDF 386 K)
Windfall Lien Guidance: Frequently Asked Questions - (7/16/03)
FAQs sheet containing questions and answers to the interim windfall liens guidance
https://www.epa.gov/enforcement/interim-guidance-enforcement-discretion-concerning-windfall-liens-cercla-section-107r (PDF 157K)
Use of Federal Superfund Liens to Secure Response Costs - (5/28/02)
Memorandum addresses the use of liens in appropriate Superfund enforcement cases pursuant to CERCLA section 107(l).
https://www.epa.gov/enforcement/using-federal-superfund-liens-secure-response-costs (PDF 41 K)
Supplemental Guidance on Federal Superfund Liens - (7/29/93)
Supplemental guidance on federal Superfund liens originally issued in September 1987.
https://www.epa.gov/enforcement/guidance-federal-superfund-liens-supplemental-guidance (PDF 462 KB)
Guidance on Federal Superfund Liens - (9/22/87)
Memorandum establishes guidance on the use of federal liens to enhance Superfund cost recovery under CERCLA section 107(l). Oswer No. 9832.12. Supplemented by 3/16/93 guidance.
https://www.epa.gov/enforcement/guidance-federal-superfund-liens (PDF 438KB)

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