RCRA Cleanup Subject Categories

Institutional Controls

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Advanced Monitoring Technologies and Approaches to Support Long-Term Stewardship - (7/20/18)
Memorandum provides information about the potential uses of specific advanced monitoring technologies and approaches for monitoring and maintaining institutional controls and engineering controls at sites and facilities addressed under federal and state cleanup authorities.
https://www.epa.gov/enforcement/use-advanced-monitoring-technologies-and-approaches-support-long-term-stewardship (PDF 312K)
Institutional Controls: A Guide to Planning, Implementing, Maintaining, and Enforcing Institutional Controls at Contaminated Sites - (12/4/12)
Guidance for site managers, attorneys and other interested parties for planning, implementing, maintaining and enforcing (PIME) institutional controls for Superfund, brownfields, UST, RCRA, and federal facility cleanups.
http://semspub.epa.gov/src/document/HQ/175446 (PDF 451K)
Institutional Controls: A Guide to Preparing Institutional Control Implementation and Assurance Plans at Contaminated Sites - (12/4/12)
Guidance to the EPA Regions for developing Institutional Control Implementation and Assurance Plans (ICIAPs) at contaminated sites where the response action includes an institutional controls (ICs) component. An ICIAP is a document designed to systematically: (a) establish and document the activities associated with implementing and ensuring the long-term stewardship of ICs: and (b) specify the persons and/or organizations that will be responsible for conducting these activities.
http://semspub.epa.gov/src/document/HQ/175449 (PDF 159K)
Ensuring Effective and Reliable Institutional Controls at RCRA Facilities - (6/14/07)
Memorandum emphasizes the need for effective and reliable institutional controls at RCRA facility cleanup, corrective action and closures.
https://www.epa.gov/hw/guidance-long-term-care-corrective-action-sites (PDF 350 K)
Transmittal of Institutional Controls: Third-Party Beneficiary Rights in Proprietary Controls - (4/19/04)
Transmittal memorandum and document address information on designating third-party beneficiaries in proprietary institutional controls
https://www.epa.gov/enforcement/guidance-third-party-beneficiary-rights-proprietary-institutional-controls (PDF 123 K)
Transmittal Memorandum for Institutional Controls: A Site Managers Guide to Identifying, Evaluating and Selecting Institutional Controls at Superfund and RCRA Corrective Action Cleanups - (9/29/00)
Transmittal memorandum and fact sheet intended to provide Superfund and RCRA site managers and other decision makers with an overview of the types of institutional controls that are commonly available. OSWER Dir. No. 9355.0-74FS-P.
http://semspub.epa.gov/src/document/HQ/175447 (PDF 96K)

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