RCRA Cleanup Subject Categories

Information gathering (RCRA 3007/CERCLA 104(e)

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Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Decision in Ecological Rights Foundation v. Pacific Gas and Electric Company Regarding the RCRA Definition of Solid Waste - (6/12/14)
Memorandum highlights issues raised in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decision in Ecological Rights Foundation v. Pacific Gas and Electric Company regarding the definition of solid waste under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA).
https://www.epa.gov/enforcement/rcra-ecological-rights-foundation (PDF 502K)
Results-Based Approaches and Tailored Oversight Guidance for Facilities Subject to Corrective Action under Subtitle C of RCRA - (9/1/03)
Discusses EPA's general results-based strategy for RCRA Corrective Action and how EPA generally intends to exercise its discretion in implementing its statutory authorities and regulations.
https://www.epa.gov/epawaste/hazard/correctiveaction/resources/guidance/gen_ca/reslt-bse.pdf (PDF 192 K)
Transmittal of Sample Documents for More Effective Communication in CERCLA Section 104(e)(2) Information Requests - (7/5/95)
Samples intended to address concerns raised by past recipients of information request letters to more effectively convey our initial information requests to recipients & encourage a more complete response from the recipients of initial information request
https://www.epa.gov/enforcement/guidance-sample-documents-effective-communication-under-cercla-section-104e (PDF)
RCRA Corrective Action Inspection Guidance Manual - (5/1/95)
This guidance delineates inspection activities which are critical for the successful completion of corrective action activities currently underway at many facilities and is intended to supplement the RCRA Inspection Manual.
https://www.epa.gov/enforcement/guidance-rcra-corrective-action-inspection (PDF 5918K)
Model Administrative Order for CERCLA Information Requests - (9/30/94)
Transmittal memorandum and model Administrative Order for CERCLA Information Requests.
https://www.epa.gov/enforcement/guidance-model-cercla-section-104e5a-administrative-order-information-collection (PDF 632 K)
Transmittal of Model Consent Decree for CERCLA Section 104(e) Information Request Enforcement Actions - (8/29/90)
Transmittal memorandum and model Consent Decree for CERCLA Section 104(e) Information Request Enforcement Actions. OSWER No. 9834.14.
https://www.epa.gov/enforcement/model-cercla-section-104e-information-request-enforcement-actions-consent-decree (PDF 445 BK)
Transmittal of Guidance on Use and Enforcement of CERCLA Information Requests and Administrative Subpoenas - (8/25/88)
Guidance gives an overview of the information-gathering tools under CERCLA 104(e) and 122(e)(3)(B), and it focuses on the steps to be taken. OSWER No. 9834.4-a
https://www.epa.gov/enforcement/guidance-use-and-enforcement-cercla-information-requests-and-administrative-subpoenas (PDF 1859 KB)
Operation and Maintenance Inspection Guide (in RCRA Ground-Water Monitoring Systems) - (3/1/88)
Describes the Operation and Maintenance( O&M) Inspection, explains how it fits into EPA’s overall enforcement effort, and explains how to plan and conduct an O&M inspection. OSWER Dir. 9950.3
https://www.epa.gov/enforcement/guidance-om-inspections-rcra-ground-water-monitoring-systems (PDF 4104K)
Final RCRA Comprehensive Ground Water Monitoring Evaluation (CME) Guidance Document - (12/19/86)
Guidance providing framework within which inspections/evaluations may be performed and to promote, a nationally consistent approach to that performance. OSWER Dir. 9950.2
https://www.epa.gov/enforcement/guidance-rcra-comprehensive-ground-water-monitoring-evaluation-final (PDF 3204K)
Inspection Authority under Section 3007 of RCRA - (4/17/86)
Memorandum describing inspection authority under section 3007 of RCRA.
https://www.epa.gov/enforcement/guidance-rcra-section-3007-inspection-authority (PDF 632K)
Policy on Enforcing Information Requests in Hazardous Waste Cases - (9/10/84)
Memorandum assists the regions in enforcing information request letters issued pursuant to Section 104 of CERCLA and Section 3007 of RCRA. OSWER Dir. 9834.4
https://www.epa.gov/enforcement/guidance-enforcing-information-requests-hazardous-waste-cases (PDF 1156K)

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