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CADDIS Volume 5: Causal Databases

CADLit contains stressor-response information for multiple stressor exposures reported in the peer-reviewed scientific literature.

As part of a causal analysis, CADLit can help you:

  • Identify candidate or potential causes of impairment by providing information that may support or negate causal pathways in conceptual model diagrams.
  • Support or negate the contribution of a specific stressor to an impairment by providing qualitative and quantitative data from other studies of similar stressor scenarios.

At this time, CADLit contains information for metals, sediment, and nutrients identified through literature searches up to 2009. We continue to expand the scope of the CADLit to include more stressors and types of information, so please contact with suggestions for additions (including submission of new papers by the authors).

Some additional characteristics of the CADLit database:

  • Many of the reviewed papers are from studies in the United States and Canada, but a significant number of papers are from other parts of the world.
  • The surveyed literature generally will be peer-reviewed papers in the English language from journal abstracted in bibliographical databases, such as Biological Abstracts, Biosis, Current Contents, Science Direct or Google Scholar.
  • If more than one set of data were analyzed independently in a study, separate listings, called datasets, occur in the data base for each set of data.
To begin searching the CADLit database, select either the Keyword Search or Advanced Search tab above. For more information on searching and querying CADLit, see the CADLit User’s Guide.

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