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Help your patients protect their health by reducing their exposure to air pollution. This page includes:

    - information for you about the cardiac and respiratory health effects associated with outdoor air pollution exposure

    - educational materials for your patients

  • Particle Pollution and Your Patients' Health On-line Training (CME, CNE and CEU available from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) - An extensive body of scientific evidence shows exposure to ambient particles may lead to a range of adverse health effects, including cardiovascular and respiratory effects, and even premature death. This course will provide practitioners with applicable knowledge they can pass on to patients to help reduce overall risk of particle pollution-related health effects, particularly in individuals wit heart and lung disease. It includes clinical scenarios and FAQs to help you answer your patients questions.
    Particle Pollution and Patients Health Palm Card Particle Pollution and Patients Health Flyer
    Promotional post card for the course (PDF, 1 pp., 10M) Promotional flyer for the course (PDF, 1 pp., 9.8M)
  • Ozone and Your Patients' Health On-line Training - This is a short evidence-based training course for health care providers that explains the physiological effects of ozone and ways people can reduce their exposure to ozone. It includes clinical scenarios and FAQs to help you answer your patients' questions.
  • Heart Disease, Stroke, and Outdoor Air Pollution - The purpose of this fact sheet is to increase awareness that air pollution can trigger heart attacks, stroke, and other health effects. It also provides information about steps to take to protect your health – including using the Air Quality Index to reduce exposure. It includes information about risk factors for heart disease and stroke, and lists the warning signs of heart attack and stroke. Print it directly from the Web to give to your patients.
  • Enfermedades del Corazón, Ataques Cerebrales y la Contaminación del Aire - El propósito de esta hoja informativa es crear conciencia sobre la contaminación del aire la cual puede provocar ataques al corazón, ataques (derrames) cerebrales y otros efectos a la salud. También proporciona información acerca de los pasos a seguir para proteger su salud - incluyendo el uso del Índice de Calidad del Aire para reducir la exposición a la contaminación del aire. La hoja incluye información sobre personas con factores de riesgo de padecer enfermedades del corazón o un ataque cerebral, y enumera los síntomas de peligro de un ataque al corazón y cerebral.
  • Asthma and Outdoor Air Pollution Factsheet (PDF, 2 pp., 502KB) - This fact sheet is designed to answer questions about how people with asthma can be affected by air pollution and how they can use the Air Quality Index to reduce their exposure. Print it directly from the Web to give to your patients.
  • Effects of Common Air Pollutants Medical Poster (PDF 1 p., 8MB) - This colorful poster is designed for use in patient waiting areas or exam rooms. Use this poster to educate your patients about the health effects of outdoor air pollution on the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.
    18"x24" Printable Version (PDF, 1 p., 800KB)
  • Efectos de los contaminantes comunes del aire--cartel médico (PDF, 1 p., 8MB) - Este colorido cartel está diseñado para usarse en las salas de espera o las salas de exámenes médicos. Utilice este cartel para educar a sus pacientes sobre los efectos que produce la contaminación aérea externa en los sistemas respiratorios y cardiovasculares. La traducción al español fue provista por el Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control District.
    Versión para imprimir, 18" por 24" (PDF, 1 p., 1.3MB)

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