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Yang, C., A. Tarkhov, J. Marusczyk1, B. Bienfait, J. Gasteiger, T. Kleinoeder, T. Magdziarz, O. Sacher, C. Schwab, J. Schwoebel, L. Terfloth, K. Arvidson, A. Richard, A. Worth, AND J. Rathman. A New Publicly Available Chemical Query Language, CSRML, to support Chemotype Representations for Application to Data-Mining and Modeling. Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling. American Chemical Society, Washington, DC, 55(3):510-528, (2015).
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Bal-Price, A., K. Crofton, M. Leist, S. Allen, M. Arand, T. Buetler, N. Delrue, R. FitzGerald, T. Hartung, T. Heinonen, H. Hogberg, S. Hougaard Bennekou, W. Lichtensteiger, D. Oggier, M. Paparella, M. Axelstad, A. Piersma, E. Rached, B. Schilter, G. Schmuck, L. Stoppini, E. Tongiorgi, M. Tiramani, F. Monnet-Tschudi, M. Wilks, T. Ylikomi, AND E. Fritsche. International STakeholder NETwork (ISTNET): Creating a Developmental Neurotoxicity Testing (DNT) Roadmap for Regulatory Purposes. Archives of Toxicology. Springer, New York, NY, 89(2):269-287, (2015).
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Browne, P., R. Judson, W. Casey, N. Kleinstreuer, AND R. Thomas. SCREENING CHEMICALS FOR ESTROGEN RECEPTOR BIOACTIVITY USING A COMPUTATIONAL MODEL. ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY. American Chemical Society, Washington, DC, 49(14):8804-8814, (2015).
Wambaugh, J., B. Wetmore, R. Pearce, C. Strope, R. Goldsmith, J. Sluka, A. Sedykh, A. Tropsha, S. Bosgra, I. Shah, R. Judson, R. Thomas, AND W. Setzer. Toxicokinetic Triage for Environmental Chemicals. TOXICOLOGICAL SCIENCES. Society of Toxicology, 147(1):55-67, (2015).
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Paul, K., J. Hedge, D. Rotroff, M. Hornung, K. Crofton, AND Steve Simmons. Development of a thyroperoxidase inhibition assay for high-throughput screening. CHEMICAL RESEARCH IN TOXICOLOGY. American Chemical Society, Washington, DC, 27(3):387-99, (2014).
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Wetmore, B., B. Allen, H. Clewell III, T. Parker, John F. Wambaugh, L. Almond, M. Sochaski, AND Russell S. Thomas. Incorporating Population Variability and Susceptible Subpopulations into Dosimetry for High-Throughput Toxicity Testing. TOXICOLOGICAL SCIENCES. Society of Toxicology, 142(1):210-224, (2014).
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KLEINSTREUER, N., D. J. DIX, M. ROUNTREE, N. BAKER, N. SIPES, D. REIF, R. SPENCER, AND T. B. KNUDSEN. A Computational Model Predicting Disruption of Blood Vessel Development. Shayn M.Pierce (ed.), PLoS Computational Biology. Public Library of Science, San Francisco, CA, 9(4):1-20, (2013).
Nel, A., E. Nasser, H. Godwin, D. Avery, T. Bahadori, L. Bergeson, E. Beryt, J. Bonner, D. Boverhof, J. Carter, V. Castranova, J. DeShazo, S. Hussain, A. Kane, F. Klaessig, E. Kuempel, M. Lafranconi, R. Landsiede, T. Malloy, M. Miller, J. Morris, K. Moss, G. Oberdorster, K. Pinkerton, R. Pleus, J. Shatkin, R. Thomas, T. Tolaymat, A. Wang, AND J. Wong. A Multi-Stakeholder Perspective on the Use of Alternative Test Strategies for Nanomaterial Safety Assessment (workshop report). ACS Nano. American Chemical Society, Washington, DC, 7(8):6422–6433, (2013).
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WAMBAUGH, J. F., R. W. SETZER, D. REIF, S. GANGWAL, J. MITCHELLBLACKWOOD, J. A. ARNOT, O. JOLIET, A. FRAME, J. R. RABINOWITZ, T. B. KNUDSEN, R. S. JUDSON, P. P. EGEGHY, D. A. VALLERO, AND E. A. COHEN HUBAL. High-Throughput Models for Exposure-Based Chemical Prioritization in the ExpoCast Project . Jerald Schnoor (ed.), ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY. John Wiley & Sons, Ltd., Indianapolis, IN, 47(15):8479-8488, (2013).
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