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KNUDSEN, T. B., K. A. HOUCK, N. SIPES, A. V. SINGH, R. JUDSON, M. T. MARTIN, A. WEISSMAN, N. KLEINSTREUER, H. M. MORTENSEN, D. REIF, J. R. RABINOWITZ, R. W. SETZER, A. M. RICHARD, D. J. DIX, AND R. J. KAVLOCK. Activity profiles of 309 ToxCastâ„¢ chemicals evaluated across 292 biochemical targets. TOXICOLOGY. Elsevier Ireland Limited, Limerick, Ireland, 282(1-2):1-15, (2011).
RABINOWITZ, J. R., M. GOLDSMITH, S. LITTLE, AND M. PASQUINELLI. Computational Molecular Modeling for Evaluating the Toxicity of Environmental Chemicals: Prioritizing Bioassay Requirements. EHP-TOXICOGENOMICS. Environmental Health Perspectives, Research Triangle Park, NC, 116(5):573-577, (2008).
KAVLOCK, R. J., G. T. ANKLEY, J. N. BLANCATO, M. BREEN, R. CONOLLY, D. J. DIX, K. A. HOUCK, E. A. COHEN-HUBAL, R. JUDSON, J. R. RABINOWITZ, A. M. RICHARD, R. W. SETZER, I. A. SHAH, D. L. VILLENEUVE, AND E. J. WEBER. Computational Toxicology - A State of the Science Mini Review. TOXICOLOGICAL SCIENCES. Society of Toxicology, 103(1):14-27, (2008).
Goldsmith, M., C. Grulke, D. Chang, T. Transue, S. Little, J. Rabinowitz, AND R. Tornero-Velez. DockScreen: A database of in silico biomolecular interactions to support computational toxicology. Dataset Papers in Science. Hindawi Publishing Corporation, New York, NY, 2014:1-5, (2014).
WAMBAUGH, J. F., R. W. SETZER, D. REIF, S. GANGWAL, J. MITCHELLBLACKWOOD, J. A. ARNOT, O. JOLIET, A. FRAME, J. R. RABINOWITZ, T. B. KNUDSEN, R. S. JUDSON, P. P. EGEGHY, D. A. VALLERO, AND E. A. COHEN HUBAL. High-Throughput Models for Exposure-Based Chemical Prioritization in the ExpoCast Project . Jerald Schnoor (ed.), ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY. John Wiley & Sons, Ltd., Indianapolis, IN, 47(15):8479-8488, (2013).
RABINOWITZ, J. R., S. LITTLE, S. C. LAWS, AND M. GOLDSMITH. Molecular Modeling for Screening Environmental Chemicals for Estrogenicity: Use of the Toxicant-Target Approach . CHEMICAL RESEARCH IN TOXICOLOGY. American Chemical Society, Washington, DC, 22(9):1594-602, (2009).

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