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Source Water Protection

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   Ground Water

Ground Water

Biological Indicators of Ground Water-Surface Water Interaction: Update
Document that describes techniques for determining the presence of a particular suite of indicator organisms whose presence defines the hyporheic zone (EPA 816-R-98-018).
Date Published: Unknown

Citizen's Guide to Ground Water Protection
Guide that encourages citizens to a take an active and positive role in protecting their community's ground water supplies. Introduces the natural cycle that supplies the earth with ground water, briefly explains how ground water can become contaminated, examines ways to protect ground water supplies and describes the roles communities can play in protecting ground water supplies. Spanish version available (EPA 440-6-90-004).
Date Published: Unknown

Ground Water Rule
EPA finalized the Ground Water Rule in the Federal Register on November 08, 2006.  The purpose of the rule is to provide for increased protection against microbial pathogens in public water systems that use ground water sources. EPA is particularly concerned about ground water systems that are susceptible to fecal contamination since disease-causing pathogens may be found in fecal contamination. For more information, please see the Ground Water Rule Web site below.
Date Published: Unknown

Memorandum: Guidance for Future State Ground Water Protection Grants
Memo that fulfills EPA's statutory requirement to provide guidance that identifies the key elements of a state ground water protection program and establishes grant application procedures should funds become available in the future.
Date Published: Unknown

National Water Quality Inventory, 1998 Report To Congress, Ground Water and Drinking Water Chapters
Report that is the primary vehicle for informing Congress and the public about general water quality conditions in the United States.
Date Published: Unknown

Summary of State Biennial Reports of Wellhead Protection Program Progress, October 1995 - September 1997
Biennial status report that summarizes the progress made by each state toward establishing a state wellhead protection program.
Date Published: Unknown

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