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Office of the Director Publications: 2001


This page lists publication titles, citations and abstracts produced by NERL's Office of the Director for the year 2001, organized by Publication Type. Your search has returned 2 Matching Entries.

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EPA PUBLISHED PROCEEDINGS Summary Proceedings of EPA's First Routine PBT Monitoring Strategy Workshop 05/22/2001
National Exposure Research Laboratory, Office of Air and Radiation, Office of Water, Office of Prevention, Pesticides, and Toxic Substances, AND Office of Environmental Information. Summary Proceedings of EPA's First Routine PBT Monitoring Strategy Workshop. PBT Monitoring Strategy Workshop, Silver Springs, MD, May 22-23, 2001. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC.
Abstract: This report contains proceedings, presentations, and background materials for EPA sponsored workshop that was conducted on May 22-23, 2001, in Silver Spring, MD. The subject of the workshop was the EPA PBT Routine Monitoring Strategy, and the purpose of the workshop was to share information on different EPA monitoring programs and to discuss Strategy objectives and design features among EPA staff.
The views expressed in these Proceedings are those of the individual author/speakers and do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. This report has been subjected to Agency review and approved for publication.

JOURNAL A Review of Statistical Methods for the Meteorological Adjustment of Tropospheric Ozone 01/01/2001
Cox, L H., M. L. Thompson, J. Reynolds, P. Guttorp, AND P. Sampson. A Review of Statistical Methods for the Meteorological Adjustment of Tropospheric Ozone. ATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT 35(3):617-630, (2001).
Abstract: A variety of statistical methods for meteorological adjustment of ozone have been proposed in the literature over the last decade for purposes of forecasting, estimating ozone time trends, or investigating underlying mechanisms from an empirical perspective. The methods can be broadly classified into regression, extreme value, and space-time methods. We present a critical review of these methods, beginning with a summary of what meteorological and ozone monitoring data have been considered and how they have been used for statistical analysis. We give particular attention to the question of trend estimation, and compare selected methods in an application to ozone time series from the Chicago area. We conclude that a number of approaches make useful contributions to the field, but that no one method is most appropriate for all purposes and all meteorological scenarios. Methodological issues such as the need for regional-scale analysis, the nonlinear dependence of ozone on meteorology, and extreme value analysis for trends are addressed. A comprehensive and reliable methodology for space-time extreme value analysis is attractive but lacking.


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