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Item Title Year Published
1 Semiannual report to Congress : April 1, 2014-September 30, 2014. 2014
2 Alameda Creek Watershed : historical ecology study / 2013
3 Historical wetlands of the southern California coast : an atlas of US Coast Survey T-Sheets, 1851-1889 / 2011
4 Mine wastes : characterization, treatment and environmental impacts / 2010
5 U.S.-Mexico environmental program : border 2012 : a mid-course refinement (2008-2012) = Programa ambiental Fronterizo Mâexico-Estados Unidos : frontera 2012 : perfeccionamiento a mitad de periodo (2008-2012). 2008
6 An inventory of sources and environmental releases of dioxin-like compounds in the United States for the years 1987, 1995, and 2000. 2006
7 The U.S.-Mexican border environment : improving transboundary air quality with binational emission reduction credit trading / 2004
8 The U.S.-Mexican border environment : air quality issues along the U.S.-Mexican border / 2003
9 A chemical speciation of trace metals for fine urban particles / 2002
10 Accretion and partitioning of heavy metals associated with snow exposed to urban traffic and winter storm maintenance activities. II / 2002
11 An evaluation of mass-weighted size distribution measurements with the Model 3320 Aerodynamic Particle Sizer / 2002
12 Assessment of efficient sampling designs for urban stormwater monitoring / 2002
13 Benzothiazolamines as tire-derived molecular markers : sorptive behavior in street runoff and application to source apportioning / 2002
14 Comparative study of elemental mass size distributions in urban atmospheric aerosol / 2002
15 Methodology and significance of studies of atmospheric deposition in highway runoff / 2002
16 Review of PM2.5 and PM10 apportionment for fossil fuel combustion and other sources by the chemical mass balance receptor model / 2002
17 Runoff of copper and zinc caused by atmospheric corrosion / 2002
18 Street sweepers : picking up speed and quieting down / 2002
19 Deposition of Mn from automotive combustion of methylcyclopentadienyl manganese tricarbonyl beside the major highways in the greater Toronto area, Canada / 2001
20 Implications of platinum-group element accumulation along U.S. roads from catalytic-converter attrition / 2001
21 Reliable, affordable, and environmentally sound energy for America's future : report of the National Energy Policy Development Group. 2001
22 Seasonal variations in corrosion rate and runoff rate of copper roofs in an urban and a rural atmospheric environment / 2001
23 Size distributions of trace metals in atmospheric aerosols in the United Kingdom / 2001
24 Temporal and spatial studies of autocatalyst-derived platinum, rhodium, and palladium and selected vehicle-derived trace elements in the environment / 2001
25 Verification of traffic emitted aerosol components in the ambient air of Cologne (Germany) / 2001
26 A synopsis of technical issues of concern for monitoring trace elements in highway and urban runoff / 2000
27 Characterization of selected element concentrations and enrichment ratios in background and anthropogenically impacted roadside areas / 2000
28 Elemental association and fingerprinting of traffic-related metals in road sediments / 2000
29 Influences of dietary uptake and reactive sulfides on metal bioavailability from aquatic sediments / 2000
30 Linkage of bioaccumulation and biological effects to changes in pollutant loads in south San Francisco Bay / 2000
31 Metal phase associations in soils from an urban watershed, Honolulu, Hawaii / 2000
32 Multi-element analysis of road-deposited sediment in an urban drainage basin, Honolulu, Hawaii / 2000
33 New isotopic evidence for chronic lead contamination in the San Francisco Bay estuary system: Implications for the persistence of past industrial lead emissions in the biosphere / 2000
34 Pollutant concentrations in road runoff : Southeast Queensland case study / 2000
35 Puna emergency response : report on the review of Hawai°i County Emergency Operations Plan and Puna Geothermal Venture Emergency Response Plan. 2000
36 Sequential extraction of metal contaminated soils with radiochemical assessment of readsorption effects / 2000
37 The Urban environmental gradient : anthropogenic influences on the spatial and temporal distributions of lead and zinc in sediments / 2000
38 Transport of traffic-related aerosols in urban areas / 2000
39 Urban sprawl leaves its PAH signature / 2000
40 An overview of the factors involved in evaluating the geochemical effects of highway runoff on the environment / 1999
41 Analysis of colloidal phases in urban stormwater runoff / 1999
42 Environmental Protection Agency : notice of intent to revise aquatic life criteria for copper, silver, lead, cadmium, iron and selenium; notice of intent to develop aquatic life criteria for Atrazine, Diazinon, Nonylphenol, Methyl Tertiary-Butyl Ether (MtBE), Manganese and saltwater dissolved oxygen (Cape Cod to Cape Hatteras); notice of data availability; request for data and information. 1999
43 Geochemical factors controlling free Cu ion concentrations in river water / 1999
44 Innovative urban wet-weather flow management systems / 1999
45 Intercomparison of DPASV and ISE for the measurement of Cu complexation characteristics of NOM in freshwater / 1999
46 New developments in street sweeper technology / 1999
47 Particle size distribution and hydrodynamic characteristics of solid matter carried by runoff from motorways / 1999
48 Source contributions to the size and composition distribution of atmospheric particles : Southern California in September 1996 / 1999
49 Trace-element concentrations in streambed sediment across the conterminous United States / 1999
50 Dry deposition fluxes and mass size distributions of Pb, Cu, and Zn measured in Southern Lake Michigan during AEOLOS / 1998