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Item Title Year Published
1 Changing the way we think, to create the world we want / 2015
2 A community, city, state, and regional perspective on environmental protection / 2015
3 U.S. EPA Ambient Air Protocol Gas Verification Program : annual report for calendar year 2014. 2015
4 Regulatory Impact Analysis for the final standards of performance for greenhouse gas emissions from new, modified, and reconstructed stationary sources : electric utility generating units. 2015
5 Regulatory Impact Analysis of the proposed emission standards for new and modified sources in the oil and natural gas sector. 2015
6 Regulatory Impact Analysis of the final revisions to the National Ambient Air Quality Standards for ground-level ozone. 2015
7 Regulatory Impact Analysis for the proposed revisions to the emission guidelines for existing sources and supplemental proposed new source performance standards in the municipal solid waste landfills sector. 2015
8 Making the case for native gardening and biodiversity / 2011
9 "Canopy Meg" returns! / 2011
10 Blogs as bridges : how Web 2.0 connects people across the ages (and across agencies!) / 2009
11 Protecting NC rivers : a riverkeeper's role in advancing environmental issues / 2009
12 Building a conservation nation / 2009
13 Cotton gin emission sources / 1978
14 The cost of air pollution control to cotton ginners / 1974
15 La pollution industrielle de l'air dans un pays montagneux / 1963
16 Abaque pour le calcul de la hauteur et des effluents d'une cheminée industrielle / 1962