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Item Title Year Published
1 EPA issues final rule for Renewable Fuel Standards (RFS) Pathways II and modifications to the RFS program, ultra low sulfur diesel requirements, and E15 misfueling mitigation requirements / 2014
2 EPA issues final rule to establish a voluntary quality assurance program for verifying the validity of renewable identification numbers under the RFS program / 2014
3 Diesel Emissions Reduction Program (DERA) : technologies, fleets and projects information / 2011
4 A Wedge analysis of the U.S. transportation sector / 2007
5 MOVES-HVI demonstration version user guide / 2007
6 Motor Vehicle Emission Simulator Highway Vehicle Implementation (MOVES-HVI) : software design and reference manual / 2007
7 Plain-language format of emission regulations for nonroad engines / 2007
8 Proposed rule for high occupancy vehicle (HOV) facility exemptions for low emission and energy-efficient vehicles / 2007
9 Questions & answers on MOVES demo / 2007
10 2005 annual summary of emission-related recall and voluntary service campaigns performed on light-duty vehicles and light-duty trucks / 2006
11 Compilation of state, county, and local anti-idling regulations. 2006
12 Diesel retrofits : quantifying and using their benefits in SIPs and conformity : guidance for state and local air and transportation agencies / 2006
13 Guidance of mobile facilities / 2006
14 Vehicles subject to the gas guzzler tax for model year 2006 / 2006
15 Analysis of Connecticut's request for waiver of the reformulated gasoline oxygen content requirement for Connecticut covered area : technical support document / 2005
16 Analysis of New York's request for waiver of the reformulated gasoline content requirement for New York covered area : technical support document / 2005
17 Analysis of and action on New York State Department of Environmental Conservation's request for a waiver of the oxygen content requirement in federal reformulated gasoline / 2005
18 California oxygen waiver decision / 2005
19 EPA's National Mobile Inventory Model (NMIM), a consolidated emissions modeling system for MOBILE6 and NONROAD / 2005
20 Nonroad spark-ignition engine emission deterioration factors : NR-011c / 2005
21 Acceleration simulation mode test procedures, emission standards, quality control requirements, and equipment specifications : final technical guidance / 2004
22 Boundary scenarios for 8-hour ozone nonattainment areas previously designated as nonattainment or maintenance for the 1-hour ozone standard : reference document. 2004
23 Conformity SIP guidance / 2004
24 Exhaust emission effects of fuel sulfur and oxygen on gasoline nonroad engines / 2004
25 State actions banning MTBE (statewide). 2004
26 Summary and analysis of comments : control of emissions from new marine compression-ignition engines at or above 30 liters per cylinder / 2003
27 Summary of state anti-idling regulations. 2003
28 Control of emissions of air pollution from 2004 and later model year heavy-duty highway engines and vehicles : response to comments / 2000
29 Regulatory impact analysis : control of emissions of air pollution from highway heavy-duty engines / 2000
30 Seasonal and monthly activity allocation fractions for nonroad engine emissions modeling / 1997