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Item Title Year Published
1 Abandoned Uranium Mines and the Navajo Nation : Navajo Nation AUM screening assessment report and atlas with geospatial data / 2007
2 Water quality on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, 1999-2001 / 2004
3 Toxicological profile for asbestos : update / 2001
4 Toxicological profile for cadmium / 1993
5 Water quality management plan for the State of Hawaii : summary / 1980
6 Marine environmental studies of selected sewer outfall sites in the Yap Central Islands and on Falalop Island, Ulithi Atoll, Yap Outer Islands / 1978
7 Proposed water quality management plan for the County of Maui, 1978
8 Whiskeytown powerplant, Central Valley Project, [California] : a special report on adding a hydroelectric powerplant at Whiskeytown Dam. 1978
9 Hydrologic and ecologic inventories of the coastal waters of west Hawaii : Sea Grant College Program, years 07-08 / 1977
10 Limited current and underwater biological survey of proposed Truk tuna fishery complex, Dublon Island, Truk / 1977
11 Marine reconnaissance survey of proposed sites for a small boat harbor in Agat Bay, Guam / 1977
12 Power plants and the marine environment in Piti Bay and Piti Channel, Guam : 1976-1977 observations and general summary / 1977
13 Survey of benthic coral reef ecosystems, fish populations, and micromollusks in the vicinity of the Wai'anae sewage ocean outfall, O'ahu, Hawai'i, summer 1975 / 1977
14 The extent of coral, shell, and algal harvesting in Guam waters / 1977
15 Water quality management basin plan : Colorado Main Stem River Basin, Arizona, October, 1977 / 1977
16 Marine biological survey of the Cocos barrier reefs and enclosed lagoon / 1975
17 A scientific and policy review of the draft environmental impact statement: Wastewater treatment and conveyance system, North Lake Tahoe - Truckee River Basin of the Environmental Protection Agency, Region IX / 1974
18 Marine environmental effects of dredging and power-plant construction in Piti Bay and Piti Channel, Guam, 1974
19 The quality of the environment; final report to Governor Mike O'Callaghan. 1973
20 California emission inventory, 1970. 1972
21 Dredging operation monitoring and environmental study, Kawaihae Harbor, Hawaii, 1972
22 The Clean Water Grant Program : a summary of law, policy and program status as it existed on July 14, 1972. 1972
23 Urban and suburban use of pesticides in California. 1972
24 Federal pollution control programs : water, air, and solid wastes / 1969
25 Number concepts and geometry 1969
26 Ocean sediments sampled during 1964-1967 in the Hawaiian Archipelago. 1968
27 Hawaii epidemiologic studies program. 1967
28 Public hearing on water uses and standards of water quality for State of Hawaii [held May 19-Dec. 15, 1967] Walter B. Quisenberry, chairman. 1967
29 Friant powerplants, Central Valley Project, California : a special report on adding hydroelectric powerplants at Friant Dam. 1948