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Item Title Year Published
1 Cutting edge speakers : Sandra Steingraber, March 27, 2013. 2014
2 Integrated review plan for the Primary National Ambient Air Quality Standards for Nitrogen Dioxide : external review draft. 2014
3 Policy assessment for the review of the Ozone National Ambient Air Quality Standards : second external review draft. 2014
4 2011 National Monitoring Programs annual report (UATMP, NATTS, CSATAM) / 2013
5 Executive summary : HEI's National Particle Component Toxicity (NPACT) Initiative / 2013
6 National Particle Component Toxicity (NPACT) Initiative : integrated epidemiologic and toxicologic studies of the health effects of particulate matter components / 2013
7 New statistical approaches to semiparametric regression with application to air pollution research / 2013
8 WEFTEC 2012 : 85th annual Water Environment Federation technical exhibition and conference. 2012
9 Development and evaluation of polarized light microscopy (PLM) procedure for measuring low levels of asbestos in bulk materials / 1987
10 DNPH-coated silica cartridges for sampling carbonyl compounds in air and analysis by high performance liquid chromatography / 1986
11 Development of New Source Performance Standards : source category survey report for coke oven SO2 / 1981
12 Estimating regional monetary losses to agricultural producers from airborne residuals in the Ohio River Basin Energy Study region, 1976-2000 / 1981
13 Atmospheric distributions, sources and sinks of selected halocarbons, hydrocarbons, SF6 and N2O / 1979
14 Evaluation of methodology and prototype to measure atmospheric sulfuric acid / 1979
15 Technical assistance document for the calibration of ambient ozone monitors / 1979
16 Estimation of expected number of people in a population experiencing adverse health effects at a given level of air quality / 1978
17 [Letter from US Department of Energy regarding EPA proposals revising NSPS for electric power plants, with enclosures] 1978
18 Potential siting problems for increased coal use : a county-by-county analysis of the administration's Coal Substitution Program considering projected air quality for the year 1985. 1977
19 Radiative effects of pollutants on the planetary boundary layer / 1976
20 Glossary and tables for statistical quality control / 1973
21 Restricting dust emission from forced-draft boiler installations, capacity 30 ton/hr and over, hard coal-dust fired with dry ash removal / 1962

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