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  1 EPA Should Improve Guidance and Oversight to Ensure Effective Recovery Act-Funded Diesel Emissions Reduction Act Activities. Evaluation Report. 2011
  2 Orphan Boy : a love affair with mining : 1880 to present / 2007
  3 Comparison of peak discharge and runoff characteristic estimates from the rational method to field observations for small basins in central Virginia {electronic resource} / 2006
  4 Computational Aspects of the Air Quality Forecasting Version of CMAQ (Community Multiscale Air Quality) (CMAQ-F). 2004
  5 Understanding water rights and conflicts 2003
  6 Computational chemistry : a practical guide for applying techniques to real world problems / 2001
  7 Application of the electromagnetic borehole flowmeter 1998
  8 Application of the electromagnetic borehole flowmeter : project summary / 1998
  9 Application of the electromagnetic borehole flowmeter {microform} / 1998
  10 Models-3: A Unifying Framework for Environmental Modeling and Assessment. 1997
  11 Old-growth definition for red river bottom forests in the eastern United States 1997
  12 WordPerfect 8 for Windows for dummies 1997
  13 WordPerfect 7 for Windows 95 for dummies 1996
  14 Global water resource issues 1994
  15 Histopathology, Blood Chemistry, and Physiological Status of Normal and Moribund Striped Bass ('Morone saxatilis') Involved in Summer Mortality ('Die-Off') in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta of California. 1994
  16 Concise encyclopedia of environmental systems 1993
  17 Development and Application of Borehole Flowmeters for Environmental Assessment. 1993
  18 Physical and hydraulic properties of fly ash and other by-products from coal combustion 1993
  19 Site characterization methodology for aquifers in support of bioreclamation activities 1993
  20 Advanced fluid catalytic cracking technology 1992
  21 Global environmental change : understanding the human dimensions / 1992
  22 Influence of CBI requirements on TSCA implementation / 1992
  23 Pollution prevention / 1992
  24 Trace Organic Contaminants in Anthropogenically Acidified Surface Waters. 1992
  25 Using 'Found' Data to Augment a Probability Sample: Procedure and Case Study. 1992
  26 Regional Oxidant Model (ROM) User's Guide. Part 4: The ROM System User Tutorial (Processor Network and Core Model). 1991
  27 Regional Oxidant Model (ROM) User's Guide. Part 4: The ROM System User Tutorial (Processor Network and Core Model). 1991
  28 Regional Oxidant Model User's Guide. Part 2. The ROM Processor Network. 1991
  29 The regional oxidant model (ROM) user's guide part 4 : the ROM system user tutorial (processor network and core model) / 1991
  30 Computerized System for Performing Risk Assessments for Chemical Constituents of Hazardous Waste. 1990
  31 Impact of toxic organic chemicals on the kinetics of acetoclastic methanogenesis {microform} / 1990
  32 Innovative operational treatment technologies for application to Superfund site nine case studies / 1990
  33 Assessing toxicity of organic chemicals to anaerobic treatment processes {microform} / 1989
  34 Development of the regional oxidant model version 2. interim report, January 1988 - April 1989 {microform} / 1989
  35 Effects of Wastewater Treatment and Seawater Dilution in Reducing Lethal Toxicity of Municipal Wastewater to Sheepshead Minnow ('Cyprinodon variegatus') and Pink Shrimp ('Penaeus duorarum'). 1989
  36 Higher education opportunities for minorities and women-- annotated selections. 1989
  37 Persistence of Chlorinated Hydrocarbon Contamination in a California Marine Ecosystem. 1989
  38 Persistence of chlorinated hydrocarbon contamination in a California marine ecosystem {microform} / 1989
  39 Roark's formulas for stress and strain / 1989
  40 Screening Protocol for Assessing Toxicity of Organic Chemicals to Anaerobic Processes. 1989
  41 Site Selection Procedures for Temporally Integrated Monitoring of Ecosystems (Time). 1989
  42 Factors Affecting Metal Partitioning during Resuspension of Sediments from the Detroit River. 1988
  43 Factors Affecting the Efficiency of Some Estimators of Fluvial Total Phosphorus Load. 1988
  44 Managing farm nutrients tradeoffs for surface and ground-water quality / 1988
  45 Adsorption and Desorption of Zn, Cu, and Cr by Sediments from the Raisi River (Michigan). 1987
  46 Variation among and within procedures for estimation of bioavailable phosphorus / 1987
  47 Assessment of annual total phosphorus tributary loading estimates : application to the Saginaw River / 1986
  48 Great Lakes Water Quality Improvement: The Strategy of Phosphorus Discharge Control Is Evaluated. 1986
  49 Human Rotavirus Studies in Volunteers: Determination of Infectious Dose and Serological Response to Infection. 1986
  50 Microbial Recycling of Phytoplankton Phosphorus. 1986
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