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  1 Cold regions data acquisition and analysis for Section 227 National Shoreline Erosion Control Development and Demonstration Program Miami Park South, Allegan County, Michigan 2005
  2 Exposure of high risk subpopulations to particles : final report (APM-21)/ 2003
  3 Exposure of high risk subpopulations to particles final report (APM-21) / {microform} : 2003
  4 Fifteen-Meter Landsat Analyses of the Mississippi River: Map Series from Headwaters in the Gulf of Mexico. 2003
  5 Pilot Study of the Influence of Residential HAC Duty Cycle on Indoor Air Quality. 2003
  6 Chemical and Physical Characteristics of Outdoor, Indoor, and Personal Particulate Air Samples Collected in and Around a Retirement Facility. 2000
  7 Ostrava Human Exposure and Biomarker Study. 1997
  8 UNSODA: The UNSODA Unsaturated Soil Hydraulic Database User's Manual Version 1.0. 1996
  9 Aerial photographic analysis of the GTE Government Systems facility : Mountain View, California / 1995
  10 Effects of 2,3,7,8-Tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD) on Humoral Immunity and Lymphocyte Subpopulations: Differences between Mice and Rats. 1994
  11 Mutagenicity and Chemical Analysis of Emissions for the Open Burning of Scrap Rubber Tires. 1994
  12 Mutagenicity and Chemical Analysis of Emissions from the Open Burning of Scrap Rubber Tires. 1994
  13 Role of the Intestinal Microbiota in the Activation of the Promutagen 2,6-dinitrotoluene to Mutagenic Urine Metabolites and Comparison of GI Enzyme Activities in Germ-free and Conventionalized Male Fischer 344 Rats. 1994
  14 Species and Strain Comparisons of Immunosuppression by 2-Methoxyethanol and 2-Methoxyacetic Acid. 1994
  15 Effect of 2,4-Dinitrophenol on the Metabolic Rate of Bobwhite Quail. 1993
  16 Methoxyacetaldehyde, an Intermediate Metabolite of 2-Methoxyethanol, Is Immunosuppressive in the Rat. 1993
  17 Potentiation of 2,6-Dinitrotoluene Genotoxicity in Fischer-344 Rats by Pretreatment with Aroclor 1254. 1993
  18 Comparative Immunosuppression of Various Glycol Ethers Orally Administered to Fisher 344 Rats. 1992
  19 Development of Source Testing, Analytical, and Mutagenicity Bioassay Procedures for Evaluating Emissions from Municipal and Hospital Waste Combustors. 1992
  20 Differences between Rats and Mice in the Immunosuppressive Activity of 2-Methoxyethanol and 2-Methoxyacetic Acid. 1992
  21 Effects of Dietary Exposure to Methyl Parathion on Egg Laying and Incubation in Mallards. 1991
  22 Indoor Air Pollutants from Unvented Kerosene Heater Emissions in Mobile Homes: Studies on Particles, Semivolatile Organics, Carbon Monoxide, and Mutagenicity. 1991
  23 Measurement of Mutagenic Emissions from the Incineration of the Pesticide Dinoseb during Application of Combustion Modifications. 1991
  24 Stability of the Mutagenicity in Stored Cigarette Smokers' Urine and Extract. 1990
  25 Chemical and Biological Characterization of Products of Incomplete Combustion from the Simulated Field Burning of Agricultural Plastic. 1989
  26 Comparative Yields of Mutagens from Cigarette Smokers' Urine Obtained by Using Solid-Phase Extraction Techniques. 1989
  27 Economics of sample compositing as a screening tool in ground water quality monitoring. {microform} / 1989
  28 Effects of acid deposition on painted wood substrates microform / 1989
  29 The establishment of a groundwater research data center for validation of subsurface flow and transport models / 1989
  30 Agricultural insecticide runoff effects on estuarine organisms : correlating laboratory and field toxicity testing with ecotoxicological biomonitoring / 1988
  31 Migratory Birds of Central Washington as Reservoirs of 'Campylobacter jejuni'. 1988
  32 Proposed Biological Testing Methods for the United States Incineration-at-Sea Research Program. 1988
  33 Report on field screening techniques for assessment and evaluation 1988
  34 Wood Smoke Impacted Air: Mutagenicity and Chemical Analysis of Ambient Air from Residential Areas. 1988
  35 Wood Smoke Impacted Air: Mutagenicity and Chemical Analysis of Ambient Air in a Residential Area of Juneau, Alaska (Journal Version). 1988
  36 Procedures for conducting Daphnia magna toxicity bioassays : user's guide / 1987
  37 Seasonal Occurrence of 'Campylobacter' spp. in Surface Waters and Their Correlation with Standard Indicator Bacteria. 1987
  38 Small Rodents and Other Mammals Associated with Mountain Meadows as Reservoirs of 'Geardia' spp. and 'Campylobacter' spp. 1987
  39 Epidemiologic study conducted in populations living around nonferrous smelters : volume 2 {microform} / 1986
  40 Hydrologic basis for suspended sediment criteria / 1985
  41 Occurrence of 'Campylobacter jejuni' and 'Giardia species' in Muskrat (Ondatra zibethica). 1985
  42 Strategies for water and waste reduction in dairy food plants / 1985
  43 Mobility of organic compounds from hazardous wastes / 1983
  44 Mobility of organic compounds from hazardous wastes {microform} / 1983
  45 Evaluation of the procedures for identification of hazardous wastes Sampling, extraction, and inorganic analytical procedures / 1981
  46 Modifications of models predicting trophic state of lakes adjustment of models to account for the biological manifestations of nutrients / 1981
  47 Sampling and analysis of wastes generated by gray iron foundries. 1981
  48 Evaluation of and alternate designs for National Human Monitoring Program's Adipose Tissue survey 1980
  49 Phytoplankton Water-Quality Relationships in U.S. Lakes. Part VIII: Algae Associated with or Responsible for Water-Quality Problems. 1980
  50 Phytoplankton water-quality relationships in U.S. lakes. Part VIII: Algae associated with or responsible for water-quality problems 1980
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