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  1 Agro-technology : a philosophical introduction / 2011
  2 Preliminary geologic map of the north-central part of the Alamosa 30§ x 60§ quadrangle, Alamosa, Conejos and Costilla counties, Colorado [electronic resource] / 2008
  3 Regression method for estimating long-term mean annual ground-water recharge rates from base flow in Pennsylvania [electronic resource] / 2008
  4 Pollutants in the San Francisco Bay estuary / 2007
  5 Pollutants in the San Francisco Bay estuary [electronic resource] / 2007
  6 Training supervisors to be leaders ; a missing element in efforts to improve Federal performance / 2007
  7 Relationships Between Questionnaire Responses and Children's Pesticide Exposure Measurements. 2005
  8 Wind-Tunnel Simulations to Assess Dispersion Around the World Trade Center. 2003
  9 Impact assessment of some physical and biological factors in the whirling disease epizootic among wild trout in Colorado 2001
  10 Thompson & Thompson genetics in medicine / 2001
  11 Innovative Approach for Measuring Ammonia and Methane Fluxes from a Hog Farm Using Open-Path Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy. 2000
  12 Seasonal Emissions of Ammonia and Methane from a Hog Waste Lagoon with Bioactive Cover. 2000
  13 Field Evaluation of a Method for Estimating Gaseous Fluxes from Aera Sources Using Open-Path FTIR. 1999
  14 Ecological design and planning 1997
  15 Laboratory Observations of the Rise of Buoyant Thermals Created by Open Detonations. 1997
  16 Models and Laboratory Experiments of Buoyant Puff Dispersion in a Convective Boundary Layer. 1997
  17 Waterlettuce caterpillar, Namangana pectinicornis Hampson, for biological control of waterlettuce, Pistia stratiotes L. 1997
  18 Proceedings of the Meeting on Planning and Implementing Forest Operations to Achieve Sustainable Forests Council on Forest Engineering (COFE), 19th annual meeting, International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO) Subject Group S3.04-00 Operational Planning and Control, work study : July 29-August 1, 1996, Marquette, Michigan, USA / 1996
  19 Bioassay and Chemical Analysis of Ambient Air Particulate Extracts Fractionated by Using Nonaqueous Anion-Exchange Solid Phase Extraction. 1993
  20 Considerations for Modeling Small-Particulate Impacts from Surface Coal-Mining Operations Based on Wind-Tunnel Simulations. 1993
  21 Creation of a data base of survey meter readings in the western United States after nuclear tests 1993
  22 Residence Time of Contaminants Released in Surface Coal Mines: A Wind-Tunnel Study. 1993
  23 Building Amplification Factors for Sources Near Buildings: A Wind-Tunnel Study. 1992
  24 Prairies, forests, and wetlands : the restoration of natural landscape communities in Iowa / 1992
  25 Toxicity identification evaluation : characterization of chronically toxic effluents : phase I / 1992
  26 Chemical Characterization of Extractable Organic Matter from Ambient Aerosols Collected in Boise, Idaho. 1991
  27 Concentrations from Above-Roof Releases of Laboratory Exhausts: A Wind Tunnel Study. 1991
  28 Flow and Dispersion of Pollutants Within Two-Dimensional Valleys, 1991. 1991
  29 Fractionation of complex combustion mixtures using an ion-exchange methodology {microform} / 1991
  30 In situ vitrification application to buried waste interim report of intermediate field tests at Idaho National Engineering Laboratory / 1991
  31 Moderately Stable Flow Over a Three-Dimensional Hill: A Comparison of Linear Theory with Laboratory Measurements. 1991
  32 Use of grass shrimp (palaemonetes pugio) larvae in field bioassys of the effects of agricultural runoff into estuarys. {microfiche} / 1991
  33 1989 urban air toxics monitoring program / 1990
  34 Dense Gas Removal from a Valley by Crosswinds. 1990
  35 Development of infrared methods for characterization of inorganic sulfur species related to injection desulfurization processes / 1990
  36 Development of infrared methods for characterization of inorganic sulfur species related to injection desulfurization processes {microform} / 1990
  37 Flow and Dispersion of Pollutants within Two-Dimensional Valleys. 1990
  38 Estimation of maximum surface concentrations from sources near complex terrain in neutral flow {microform} / 1989
  39 Flow and Dispersion of Pollutants within Two-Dimensional Valleys: Summary Report on Joint Soviet-American Study. 1989
  40 Evaluaiton of personal cooling devices for a dioxin clean-up operation {microform} / 1988
  41 Host specificity and biology of the weevil 'Neohydronomus pulchellus' Hustache, biological control agent of waterlettuce ('Pistia stratiotes' L.) in Florida 1988
  42 Air Velocities inside Domestic Environments: An Important Parameter for Passive Monitoring. 1987
  43 Air Velocities inside Domestic Environments: An Important Parameter in the Study of Indoor Air Quality and Climate. 1987
  44 Method of Estimating the Travel Time of Noninteracting Solutes through Compacted Soil Material. 1987
  45 Operational Characteristics Study, Columbus, Ohio Program. 1987
  46 Turbulent diffusion behind vehicles: experimentally determined influence of vortex air in vehicle wake microform / 1987
  47 Wind Transport of Scalars and Pollutants. 1987
  48 A use attainability study : an evaluation of fish and macroinvertebrate assemblages of the lower Calcasieu River, Louisiana / 1986
  49 Cryogenic Preconcentration-Direct FID (Flame Ionization Detection) Method for Measurement of Ambient NMOC (Nonmethane Organic Compounds): Refinement and Comparison with GC (Gas Chromatographic) Speciation. 1986
  50 Streamlines in Stratified Flow over a Three-Dimensional Hill. 1986
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