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  1 Aridland springs in North America : ecology and conservation / 2008
  2 Evaluation of the acoustic doppler velocity meter for computation of discharge records at three sites in Colorado, 2004-2005 {electronic resource} / electronic resource 2008
  3 Pilot Study of the Influence of Residential HAC Duty Cycle on Indoor Air Quality. 2003
  4 Green plastics : an introduction to the new science of biodegradable plastics / 2002
  5 Three-dimensional confocal microscopy : volume investigation of biological specimens / 1994
  6 Effects of Low Dissolved Oxygen on Survival, Growth and Reproduction of 'Daphnia, Hyalella and Gammarus'. 1993
  7 Blue Crab, 'Callinectes sapidus', Hemocyanin Concentrations as an Indicator of Environmental Conditions in the Albemarle/Pamlico Estuary. 1992
  8 Effects of Low Dissolved Oxygen on Survival, Growth and Reproduction of 'Daphnia', 'Hyalella' and 'Gammarus'. 1992
  9 Open Path Ambient Measurements of Pollutants with a DOAS System. 1992
  10 Development and Evaluation of an Acid Precipitation Monitor for Fractional Event Sampling with Capability for Real-Time pH and Conductivity Measurement. 1990
  11 Extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields : the question of cancer / 1990
  12 Mutagenic Atmospheric Aerosol Sources Apportioned by Receptor Modeling. 1990
  13 Analysis of air quality and air chemistry data collected during the SCCCAMP 1985 field study, {microform} / 1989
  14 Composite Receptor Method Applied to Philadelphia Aerosol. 1988
  15 Contribution of Woodsmoke and Motor Vehicle Emissions to Ambient Aerosol Mutagenicity (Journal Version). 1988
  16 Impact of a 12-Month Exposure to a Diurnal Pattern of Ozone on Pulmonary Function, Antioxidant Biochemistry and Immunology. 1988
  17 Pulmonary Function Studies in the Rat Addressing Concentration versus Time Relationships of Ozone (O3). 1988
  18 Receptor Modeling Results from the Integrated Air Cancer Project. 1988
  19 Woodsmoke and motor vehicle contribution to ambient aerosol mutagenicity microform / 1988
  20 Receptor Modeling Study of Denver Winter Haze. 1986
  21 Water use in West Virginia for 1981 1984
  22 Inhalation Teratology Studies of Captan and Folpet in Mice. 1983
  23 Potential Exposure of Apple Thinners to Azinphosmethyl and Comparison of Two Methods for Assessment of Hand Exposure. 1983
  24 Potential Exposure to Diazinon during Yard Applications. 1983
  25 Evaluation of Various Clothing Materials for Protection and Worker Acceptability during Application of Pesticides. 1982
  26 Potential Exposure of Apple Thinners to Phosalone. 1982
  27 Total-count aeroradiometric contour map of the Culpeper Basin and vicinity, Virginia 1982
  28 Chemical Element Balance Analysis of Denver Aerosol. 1981
  29 Potential Exposure of Workers during Seed Potato Treatment with Captan. 1981
  30 Potential Exposure to Dislodgable Residues after Application of Two Formulations of Methyl Parathion to Apple Trees. 1981
  31 Removing Trihalomethanes from Drinking Water - An Overview of Treatment Techniques. 1981
  32 Treatment techniques for controlling trihalomethanes in drinking water / 1981
  33 Treatment technologies for controlling trihalomethanes in drinking water. {Microfiche} 1981
  34 Cross-country urban and rural measurements of NOx and SO2 / 1980
  35 Identification and evaluation of waterborne routes of exposure from other than food and drinking water / unmediated 1979
  36 Identification and evaluation of waterborne routes of exposure from other than food and drinking water {microform} / 1979
  37 Analytical system for measuring malodorous compounds from kraft mills / 1978
  38 EPA evaluation of Bahco industrial boiler scrubber system at Rickenbacker AFB / 1978
  39 Environmental changes from long-term land applications of municipal effluents : technical report / 1978
  40 Western pine-shoot borer : a threat to intensive management of ponderosa pine in the Rocky Mountain area and southwest / 1977
  41 The General Motors/Environmental Protection Agency sulfate dispersion experiment : selected EPA research papers / 1976
  42 Atlantic outer continental shelf energy resources : an economic analysis / 1975
  43 Atlantic outer continental shelf energy resources : an economic analysis 1974
  44 Application of Plastic Media Trickling Filters for Biological Nitrification Systems. 1973
  45 Application of plastic media trickling, filters for biological nitrification systems / unmediated 1973
  46 Development and testing of an air monitoring system / unmediated 1973
  47 Enhancing trickling filter plant performance by chemical precipitation / unmediated 1973
  48 Application of plastic media trickling filters for biological nitrification systems / 1972
  49 Field evaluation of new air pollution monitoring systems final report, May 8, 1970 through May 8, 1972 / 1972
  50 Regulations, practices, and plans for the prevention of spills of oil and hazardous polluting substances. 1972
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