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  1 Welfare risk and exposure assessment for ozone : second external review draft. unmediated 2014
  2 Biological filtration monitoring and control toolbox : guidance manual / 2013
  3 Cutting edge speakers hydraulic fracturing panel, September 18, 2012. [videorecording] : videorecording 2012
  4 Potential air toxics hot spots in truck terminals and cabs / 2012
  5 Climate Change Vulnerability Assessments: Four Case Studies of Water Utility Practices. 2011
  6 A biologic approach to environmental assessment and epidemiology / 2010
  7 Availability and Efficacy of Ballast Water Treatment Technology: Background and Issue Paper. 2010
  8 Method 539: Determination of Hormones in Drinking Water by Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) and Liquid Chromatography Electrosrapy Ionization Tandem Mass Spectrometry (LC-ESI-MS/MS). 2010
  9 Trade-offs in conservation : deciding what to save / 2010
  10 Flow contribution and water quality with depth in a test hole and public-supply wells : implications for arsenic remediation through well modification, Norman, Oklahoma, 2003-2006 / 2009
  11 Ground-water flow, 2004-07, and water quality, 1992-2007, in McBaine Bottoms, Columbia, Missouri [electronic resource] / electronic resource 2008
  12 Guidelines to assessing regional vulnerabilities / 2008
  13 Mycorrhizal symbiosis / 2008
  14 PHEV energy storage performance/life/cost trade-off analysis [electronic resource] / electronic resource 2008
  15 Method 536: Determination of Triazine Pesticides and Their Degradates in Drinking Water by Liquid Chromatography Electrospray Ionization Tandem Mass Spectrometry (LC/ESI-MS/MS). Version 1.0. 2007
  16 Survey of Potential Marsh Dieback Sites in Coastal Massachusetts. 2007
  17 Water and streambed-sediment quality in the upper Elk River basin, Missouri and Arkansas, 2004-06 {electronic resource} / electronic resource 2007
  18 Magnitude and frequency of floods in New York {electronic resource} / electronic resource 2006
  19 Perchlorate ecotoxicology / 2006
  20 Water-quality data, 1999-2005, and ground-water level data, 2004-2005, for McBaine Bottoms, including the Eagle Bluffs conservation area, Columbia, Missouri {electronic resource} / electronic resource 2006
  21 Collection of undisturbed surface sediments : sampler design and initial evaluation testing / 2005
  22 Enzymes and their inhibition : drug development / 2005
  23 Hydraulic properties of the surficial aquifer at five selected sites in the Little Contentnea Creek basin, North Carolina, 2002-03 {electronic resource} / electronic resource 2005
  24 Report of the International Cachalot Assessment Research Planning Workshop, Woods Hole, Massachusetts, 1-3 March 2005 [electronic resource] / electronic resource 2005
  25 Biosolids, soil, crop, ground-water, and streambed-sediment data for a biosolids-application area near Deer Trail, Colorado, 2002-2003 {electronic resource} / electronic resource 2004
  26 GIS for coastal zone management 2004
  27 Hydrogeologic Framework, Ground Water Quality, and Simulation of Ground Water Flow at the Fair Lawn Well Field Superfund Site, Bergen County, New Jersey. 2004
  28 NIST critically selected stability constants of metal complexes database Version 8.0 for Windows, Users' Guide / {electronic resource : 2004
  29 Report on Vitellogenin Gene Expression in Fathead Minnows and Pearl Dace from Reference (Non-Dosed) and Lakes Dosed with EE2 in the Canadian Experimental Lakes Area. 2004
  30 Report on the Presence of Estrogenic and Androgenic Substances in Effluents from Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations. 2004
  31 NIST critically selected stability constants of metal complexes database {electronic resource} / Data collected and selected by R.M. Smith and A.E. Martell ; program developed by R.J. Motekaitis electronic resource Data c 2003
  32 Developing a tribal implementation plan 2002
  33 Developing a tribal implementation plan {microform} / 2002
  34 Menhaden fishery of the Gulf of Mexico, United States : a regional management plan / 2002
  35 Regional guidebook for applying the hydrogeomorphic approach to assessing wetland functions of Riverine Floodplains in the Northern Rocky Mountains 2002
  36 EarthComm : earth system science in the community / 2001
  37 EarthComm : earth system science in the community / 2001
  38 Regional ground-water evapotranspiration and ground-water budgets, Great Basin, Nevada Data sets and related information used for estimating regional ground-water evapotranspiration in Eastern Nevada ; New ground-water budgets for Nevada ; Estimating discharge of shallow groundwater by transpiration from greasewood in the northern Great Basin ; Groundwater discharge by phreatophyte shrubs in the Great Basin as related to depth to groundwater {electronic resource} 2001
  39 Springer gas play in western Oklahoma. 2001
  40 Statistical analysis of abandoned mine drainage in the assessment of pollution load (the Griffiths Report) / [microform] : microform 2001
  41 Corals of the world 2000
  42 Development of Analytical Standards for the Analysis of Organic Compounds Present in PM2.5. 2000
  43 Disaster and traumatic stress research and intervention / 2000
  44 Greenhouse gases from small-scale combustion devices in developing countries, phase IIa household stoves in India / [electronic resource] : electronic resource 2000
  45 USEPA's Regional Vulnerability Assessment Program: A Research Strategy for 2001-2006. 2000
  46 Windows into the earth: the geologic story of Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks 2000
  47 Environmental technology verification report : soil gas sampling technology, Quadrel Services, Inc. EMFLUX soil gas system {microform} / 1998
  48 Field study to compare performance of stainless steel research monitoring wells with existing on-farm drinking water wells in measuring pesticide and nitrate concentrations 1998
  49 Field study to compare performance of stainless steel research monitoring wells with existing on-farm drinking water wells in measuring pesticide and nitrate concentrations {microform} / 1998
  50 Potential for invasion of underground sources of drinking water through mud-plugged wells : an experimental appraisal / 1998
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