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  1 In Situ Bioremediation of Perchlorate in Groundwater [electronic resource] / 2009
  2 Simulation of contributing areas and surface-water leakage to potential replacement wells near the community of New Post, Sawyer County, Wisconsin, by means of a two-dimensional ground-water-flow model {electronic resource} / 2008
  3 Simulation of the shallow ground-water-flow system near Grindstone Creek and the community of New Post, Sawyer County, Wisconsin {electronic resource} / 2007
  4 Comets and the Origin and Evolution of Life [electronic resource] / 2006
  5 Field study of the fate of arensic, lead, and zinc at the ground-water/surface-water interface / 2005
  6 Capstone report on the application, monitoring, and performance of permeable reactive barriers for ground-water remediation : volume 2, long term monitoring of PRBs : soil and ground water sampling / 2003
  7 Chemical composition of surficial sediment in Geneva Lake, Wisconsin. 2000
  8 EMAP-Virginian Province four-year assessment (1990-93) {microform} / John F. Paul ... {et al.}. 1999
  9 EMAP-Virginian province, four year assessment 1990-1993 / 1999
  10 Maintaining Water Quality in Finished Water Storage Facilities 1999
  11 Finishing fabricated metal products with powder coating {microform} / 1997
  12 Utilizing low volatile organic exterior coatings for wood furniture {microform} / 1997
  13 Characterization and modeling of chlorine decay in distribution systems 1996
  14 Dictionary of environmental science and engineering / 1996
  15 EPA's Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program: Availability of Broad-Scale Environmental Data and Opportunities for Use in Environmental Modeling Applications. 1994
  16 Lessons Learned from Siting of Boston Harbor Sewage Outfall. 1994
  17 Observations Related to the Use of the Sigma Coordinate Transformation for Estuarine and Coastal Modeling Studies. 1994
  18 Research Needs and Summary: Environmental Management Perspective (Chapter 16). 1994
  19 Transport and Transformation of Contaminants Near the Sediment-Water Interface. Chapter 1. Introduction. 1994
  20 Transport and transformation of contaminants near the sediment-water interface / 1994
  21 Virginian Province demonstration report : EMAP-estuaries, 1990 / 1993
  22 Estuarine Component of the US E.P.A.'s Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program. 1992
  23 Transport of Low-Level Radioactive Soil at Deep-Ocean Disposal Site. 1992
  24 Biological risk assessment framework for examining the impacts of oceanic disposal. {microfiche}. 1991
  25 EPA's Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program: An Ecological Status and Trends Program. 1991
  26 EPA's environmental monitoring and assessment program: an ecological status and trends program {microform} / 1991
  27 Sediment erodibility in Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island : a method of predicting sediment dynamics / 1991
  28 Convective-Dispersive Transport Model for Wastes Disposed of at the 106-Mile Ocean Disposal Site. (Chapter 5). 1990
  29 Technical guidance manual for performing waste load allocations Estuaries. 1990
  30 Technical guidance manual for performing waste load allocations. {microform} Estuaries. 1990
  31 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program: An Ecological Status and Trends Program. 1990
  32 Application of a Hazard-Assessment Research Strategy for Waste Disposal at 106-Mile Ocean Disposal Site (Chapter 14). 1989
  33 Contaminant Loading from Fox River to Lower Green Bay. 1989
  34 Development of a wasteload allocation model for the Pigeon River between Canton and Hepco, North Carolina : volume I -- text / 1989
  35 Dredged Material Plume Dispersal in Central Long Island Sound. 1989
  36 Ecological Status and Trends Program: EPA's Approach to Monitoring Condition of the Nation's Ecosystems. 1989
  37 Exposure assessment component of the field verification program : overview and data presentation / 1989
  38 Hazard Assessment Research Strategy for Ocean Disposal. 1989
  39 Nomethane organic compound monitoring program : final report 1988. Volume 2. Urban air toxics monitoring program {microform} / 1989
  40 Turnover of Extracellular DNA in Eutrophic and Oligotrophic Freshwater Environments of Southwest Florida. 1989
  41 Historical Synopsis of Great Lakes Water Quality Research and Management, and Future Directions. 1988
  42 Mechanisms of DNA Utilization by Estuarine Microbial Populations. 1988
  43 Nomethane organic compound monitoring program : final report 1988. Volume 2. Urban air toxics monitoring program {microform} / 1988
  44 Feasibility of using fiber optics for monitoring groundwater contaminants: VI. mechananistic evaluation of the Fujiwara reaction for detection of organic chlorides / 1987
  45 Numerical Model for Three-Dimensional Hydrodynamic Transport: Documentation of the Computer Program. 1987
  46 Numerical Model for Three-Dimensional, Variable-Density Hydrodynamic Flows: Documentation of the Computer Program. 1987
  47 Coastal processes and barrier island development, Jekyll Island, Georgia 1986
  48 Lagrangian-Eulerian Approach to Modeling Contaminants. 1986
  49 Prediction of vertical transport of low-level radioactive Middlesex soil at a deep-ocean disposal site {microform} / 1986
  50 Sampling the Oceans for Pollution: A Risk Assessment Approach to Evaluating Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal at Sea. 1986
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