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  1 XAFS Spectroscopy Results for PM Samples from Residual Fuel Oil Combustion. 1999
  2 Aquifer storage recovery of treated drinking water 1996
  3 Field Screening of Polycyclic Hydrocarbon Contamination in Soil Using a Portable Synchronous Scanning Spectrofluorometer. 1995
  4 Development of a Battery-Operated Portable Synchronous Luminescence Spectrofluorometer. 1993
  5 Application of DNA Probes to Analysis of Bacteriophage Distribution Patterns in the Environment. 1992
  6 Environmental dividends : cutting more chemical wastes / 1992
  7 In-situ Bioventing: Two U.S. EPA and Air Force Sponsored Field Studies. 1992
  8 Attachment and Replication of 'Pseudomonas aeruginosa' Bacteriophages under Conditions Simulating Aquatic Environments. 1991
  9 Depth Dependence of Direct and Indirect Photolysis on Soil Surfaces. 1990
  10 Dynamic Interactions of 'Pseudomonas aeruginosa' and Bacteriophages in Lake Water. 1990
  11 Environmental and Molecular Characterization of Systems Which Affect Genome Alteration in 'Pseudomonas aerugirosa'. Chapter 25. 1990
  12 Photolysis of Chlorinated Dioxins in Organic Solvents and on Soils. 1990
  13 Transduction of Linked Chromosomal Genes between 'Pseudomonas aeruginosa' Strains during Incubation In situ in a Freshwater Habitat. 1990
  14 Biological monitoring systems for hazardous waste sites : production and analysis of analytical reference materials / 1989
  15 Biological monitoring systems for hazardous waste sites : production and analysis of analytical reference materials {Microfiche} / 1989
  16 Fundamentals of negotiation : a guide for environmental professionals / 1989
  17 Photolysis of Octachlorodibenzo-P-Dioxin on Soils: Production of 2,3,7,8-TCDD. 1989
  18 Synthesis of 3-(14)C-3-Chlopo-4-(Dichloromethyl)-5-Hydroxy-2(5H)-Furanone and Its Use in a Tissue Distribution Study in the Rat. 1989
  19 Conjugal Transfer of R68.45 and FP5 between 'Pseudomonas aeruginosa' Strains in a Freshwater Environment. 1988
  20 2,3,7,8-TCDD (2,3,7,8-Tetrachlorodibenzo-p-Dioxin): Environmental Chemistry. 1987
  21 Chemical Evaluation and Toxicological Testing of Concentrated Disinfected Waters. 1987
  22 Chemistry and Photochemistry of Low-Volatility Organic Chemicals on Environmental Surfaces. 1987
  23 Fundamental principles of negotiation : a guide for EPA officials / 1987
  24 Potential for Transduction of Plasmids in a Natural Freshwater Environment: Effect of Plasmid Donor Concentration and a Natural Microbial Community on Transduction in 'Pseudomonas aeruginosa'. 1987
  25 Chemical Products and Toxicologic Effects of Disinfection. 1986
  26 Comparison of Seven Methods for Concentrating Organic Chemicals from Environmental Water Samples. 1986
  27 Influence of Breathing Mode and Activity Level on the Regional Deposition of Inhaled Particles and Implications for Regulatory Standards (March 1986). 1986
  28 Organic Contaminant Control: Pilot Scale Studies at Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. 1986
  29 Relationship Between the ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) Content of Subsurface Material and the Rate of Biodegradation of Alkylbenzenes and Chlorobenzene. 1986
  30 Absorption of Lead from Drinking Water with Varying Mineral Content. 1985
  31 Barium in Teeth as Indicator of Body Burden. 1985
  32 Influence of the Time of Acidification after Sample Collection on the Preservation of Drinking Water for Lead Determination. 1985
  33 Investigation into the health of forests in the vicinity of Gothic, Colorado : a scientific report / 1985
  34 Dynamics of Pollutant Photoreactions in the Hydrosphere. 1984
  35 National Crop Loss Assessment Network (NCLAN) 1982 Annual Report. 1984
  36 Occurrence of Aluminum in Drinking Water. 1984
  37 Lawrence Avenue Underflow Sewer System: Monitoring and Evaluation. 1983
  38 Lawrence Avenue underflow sewer system : monitoring and evaluation / 1983
  39 Oxidant air pollution effects on a western coniferous forect [i.e. forest] ecosystem / 1982
  40 Annual Report on Irrigation Tailwater Management 1975-1976. 1981
  41 Annual Report on Irrigation Tailwater Management 1976-1977. 1981
  42 Batch Pretreatment Process Technology for Abatement of Emissions and Conservation of Energy in Glass Melting Furnaces. Phase I. Process Design Manual. 1981
  43 Batch pretreatment process technology for abatement of emissions and conservation of energy in glass melting furnace : Phase I, process design manual / 1981
  44 Economies of size in U.S. field crop farming 1981
  45 Long-Term Effects of Land Application of Domestic Wastewater: Tooele, Utah, Slow Rate Site. Volume 2: Engineering Soil Properties. 1979
  46 An assessment of ozone and chlorine dioxide technologies for treatment of municipal water supplies : executive summary / 1978
  47 Adults teaching adults : principles and strategies 1977
  48 Trace elements in coal : occurrence and distribution / 1977
  49 Activated carbon treatment of unbleached kraft effluent for reuse 1975
  50 Influence of fiber characteristics on particulate filtration / 1975
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