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  1 24-Hour Diffusive Sampling of 1,3-Butadiene in Air onto Carbopack X Solid Adsorbent Followed By Thermal Desorption/GC/MS Analysis, Feasibility Studies. 2004
  2 Evaluation and Use of Stand-Alone Commercial Photolytic Converters for Conversion of NO(sub 2) to NO. 2004
  3 Laboratory and Field Evaluation of Instrumentation for the Semi-Continuous Determination of Particulate Nitrate (and Other Water-Soluble Particulate Components). 2004
  4 Supplement to EPA Compendium Method TO-15-Reduction of Method Detection Limits to Meet Vapor Intrusion Monitoring Needs [electronic resource] / 2004
  5 Comparison of Measurement of Ambient Particulate Nitrate with Semi-Continuous Instruments. 2003
  6 Monitoring Methods Adaptable to Vapor Intrusion Monitoring: USEPA Compendium Methods TO-15, TO-15 Supplement (Draft), and TO-17. 2003
  7 Method TO-15 Supplement Analysis of 1,1-DCE at pptv Concentrations. 2002
  8 Status of Semi-Continuous Monitoring Instrumentation for Gases and Water-Soluble Particle Components Needed for Diagnostic Testing of Ambient Air Quality. 2002
  9 Recommended methods for ambient air monitoring of NO, NO2, NOy, and individual NOz species 2000
  10 Recommended methods for ambient air monitoring of NO, NO2, NOy, and individual NOz species {microform} / 2000
  11 FT-IR open-path monitoring guidance document 1999
  12 Program Objectives and Status for the U.S.EPA Program on FTIR-Based Open-Path Monitoring. 1997
  13 EPA Method TO-15 VOCs in Air Collected in SUMMA (Trade Name) Canisters and Analyzed by Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry. 1996
  14 Hourly Measurements of VOCs by AutoGC at the New Hendersonville, TN., Southern Oxidants Study Site, June 17-27, 1995. 1996
  15 Field Study Results for VOCs with the Perkin-Elmer Sequential Tube Sampler. 1995
  16 FT-IR Transmission Spectroscopy for Quantitation of Ammonium Bisulfate in Fine-Particulate Matter Collected on Teflon (Trade Name) Filters. 1994
  17 Speciation of Ambient Sulfate Particulate Matter Using FT-IR-Based Absorption to Complement Wet Chemical and Thermal Speciation Measurements. 1994
  18 Spatially Resolved Monitoring for Volatile Organic Compounds Using Remote Sector Sampling. 1993
  19 Evaluation of a Sorbent-Based Preconcentrated for Analysis of VOCs in Air Using Gas Chromatography-Atomic Emission Detection. 1992
  20 Optical Remote Measurement of Toxic Gases. 1992
  21 Superfund Innovative Technology Evaluation, the Delaware SITE study, 1989 {microform} / 1992
  22 Theoretical evaluation of stability of volatile organic chemicals and polar volatile organic chemicals in canisters / 1992
  23 Theoretical evaluation of stability of volatile organic chemicals and polar volatile organic chemicals in canisters {microform} / 1992
  24 Canister-Based Method for Monitoring Toxic VOCs in Ambient Air. 1991
  25 Long-Path FTIR Measurements of Volatile Organic Compounds in an Industrial Setting (July 1989-April 1991). 1991
  26 Optimizing Sensitivity of SIM Mode of GC/MS Analysis for EPA's TO-14 Air Toxics Method. 1991
  27 Use of a Fourier transform spectrometer as a remote sensing sensor at Superfund sites. {microfiche} / 1991
  28 Field Comparison of Methods for the Measurement of Gaseous and Particulate Contributors to Acidic Dry Deposition. 1990
  29 Field Strategy for Sorting Volatile Organics into Source-Related Groups. 1989
  30 Temporal Variability Measurement of Specific Volatile Organic Compounds. 1989
  31 Modern Continuous Samplers for Volatile Organics and Inorganic Gases. 1987
  32 Sampling and analytical methods development for dry deposition monitoring {microform} / 1987
  33 Trace-Level Determination of Specific VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) in Whole-Air Samples in the Presence of High-Level Contamination. 1986
  34 FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared) Transmission Spectrometry for the Nondestructive Determination of Ammonium and Sulfate in Ambient Aerosols Collected on Teflon Filters. 1985
  35 Storage Stability of Volatile Organic Compounds in SUMMA (Trade name) Polished Canisters. 1985
  36 Volatile Organic Compounds in Indoor Air: A Survey of Various Structures. 1985
  37 Automated Calibration and Analysis of VOCs with a Capillary Column Gas Chromatograph Equipped for Reduced Temperature Trapping. 1984
  38 Automated Cryogenic Preconcentration and Gas Chromatographic Determination of Volatile Organic Compounds in Air. 1984
  39 Temperature-Dependent Collection Efficiency of a Cryogenic Trap for Trace-Level Volatile Organic Compounds. 1984
  40 Simple Design for Automation of Tungsten(VI) Oxide Technique for Measurement of NH3, and HNO3. 1983
  41 Photoacoustic Determination of Optical Properties of Aerosol Particles Collected on Filters: Development of a Method Taking into Account Substrate Reflectivity. 1982
  42 Tungstic Acid Technique for Monitoring Nitric Acid and Ammonia in Ambient Air. 1982
  43 Characterization of the Aerosol in the Great Smoky Mountains. 1980
  44 Ambient air carbon monoxide measurements / 1979
  45 Evaluation of techniques for measuring biogenic airborne sulfur compounds : Cedar Island field study 1977 / 1979
  46 Optimized chemiluminescence system for measuring atmospheric ammonia / 1979
  47 Pollutant Variability in the Regional Air Pollution Study. 1978
  48 Development of a gas laser system to measure trace gases by long path absorption techniques : volume II - field evaluation of gas laser system for ozone monitoring, final report / 1974
  49 NO2 measuring system / 1974

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