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  1 Integrated Science Assessment for Ozone and Related Photochemical Oxidants. 2011
  2 Differences in Inflammatory Responses to Exposures of Concentrated Ambient Particles in Susceptible Volunteers. Final rept 2010
  3 Green, American style : becoming earth-friendly and reaping the benefits / 2010
  4 Transport modeling for environmental engineers and scientists / 2009
  5 Ancillary and other cross-border insolvency cases under Chapter 15 of the Bankruptcy Code / 2008
  6 Methods for Evaluating Wetland Condition No. 18 Biogeochemical Indicators. 2008
  7 Occurrence, distribution, sources, and trends of elevated chloride concentrations in the Mississippi River Valley alluvial aquifer in southeastern Arkansas [electronic resource] / electronic resource 2008
  8 How Small Devices Are Having a Big Impact on U.S. Utility Bills. 2007
  9 Improving Monitoring and Assessment of Wetland and Riparian Areas in California through Implementation of a Level 1,2,3 Framework. 2007
  10 Other voices, other ways, better practices bridging local and professional environmental knowledge / [electronic resource] : electronic resource 2007
  11 Overcoming the challenges to the implementation of green chemistry [electronic resource] / electronic resource 2007
  12 Geochemistry of non-traditional stable isotopes 2004
  13 Water quality in the northern Rockies intermontane basins, Idaho, Montana, and Washington, 1999-2001 2004
  14 Capstone report on the application, monitoring, and performance of permeable reactive barriers for ground-water remediation : volume 2, long term monitoring of PRBs : soil and ground water sampling / 2003
  15 Occurrence and transport of cadmium, lead, and zinc in the Spokane River Basin, Idaho and Washington, water years 1999-2001 2003
  16 Occurrence and transport of cadmium, lead, and zinc in the Spokane River basin, Idaho and Washington, water years 1999-2001 {electronic resource} / electronic resource 2003
  17 Coagulation pretreatment for membrane filtration 2002
  18 Costs for water supply distribution system rehabilitation [electronic resource] / electronic resource 2002
  19 Controlling disinfection by-products and microbial contaminants in drinking water 2001
  20 Applying ecological principles to land use decision making in agricultural watersheds, {microform} / 2000
  21 EPA/NASA/USAF Depainting Effort Concludes. 2000
  22 Environmental characteristics and water quality of hydrologic benchmark network stations in the west-central United States, 1963-95 2000
  23 Foundations of natural resources policy and management / 2000
  24 Characterizing the effect of chlorine and chloramines on the formation of biofilm in a simulated drinking water distribution system {microform} / 1999
  25 Hawaii's state of the reefs, 1998 1999
  26 Improving Clearwell Design for CT Compliance 1999
  27 Organochlorine compounds and trace elements in fish tissue and bed sediments in the Lower Snake River Basin, Idaho and Oregon 1998
  28 Performance Characteristics of a Multi-Stage Process for Ex-situ Treatment of Solids or Liquids Contaminated with Chlorinated Organics. 1998
  29 Using reproductive and developmental effects data in ecological risk assessments for oviparous vertebrates exposed to contaminants {microform} / 1998
  30 Water quality in the Upper Snake River Basin, Idaho and Wyoming, 1992-95 1998
  31 Bacterial pathogenesis 1997
  32 Contamination of ground water, surface water, and soil, and evaluation of selected ground-water pumping alternatives in the Canal Creek area of Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland 1996
  33 Quality of ground water and surface water in intermontane basins of the northern Rocky Mountains, Montana and Idaho 1996
  34 Transport modeling for environmental engineers and scientists 1996
  35 Water Treatment Technologies for Small Communities. 1996
  36 Assessment of selected constituents in surface water of the upper Snake River Basin, Idaho and western Wyoming, water years 1975-89 1994
  37 Benthic macrofaunal community structure in ocean dredged material disposal sites in Louisiana : preliminary analysis / unmediated 1994
  38 DBP Control in Drinking Water: Cost and Performance. 1994
  39 Demonstration of sorbent injection technology on a tangentially coal-fired utility boiler (Yorktown LIMB demonstration) : project summary / 1994
  40 Demonstration of sorbent injection technology on a tangentially coal-fired utility boiler (Yorktown LIMB demonstration) project summary / {microform} : 1994
  41 Effect of Aggregation on 'Vibrio cholerae' Inactivation. 1994
  42 Managing Water Quality in Distribution Systems: Simulating TTHM and Chlorine Residual Propagation. 1994
  43 Modeling Chlorine Residuals in Drinking-Water Distribution Systems. 1994
  44 Package Plants for Small Water Supplies: The U.S. Experience. 1994
  45 Selection and design of mixing processes for coagulation 1994
  46 U.S. Drinking-Water Regulations: Treatment Technologies and Cost. 1994
  47 Climatologic, soil-water, ground-water, geologic, surface-water, and water-quality data for a surface coal mine in northwestern Colorado {microform} / microform 1993
  48 Description of techniques to drill, complete, and develop wells and to test and sample aquifers at a surface coal mine in northwestern Colorado 1993
  49 Development of 'Giardia C.t' Values for the Surface Water Treatment Rule. 1993
  50 Effect of the Distribution System on Drinking-Water Quality. 1993
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