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  1 Ostracoda (Myodocopa) from Bahamian blue holes 2002
  2 Jimmorinia, a new genus of Myodocopid Ostracoda (Cypridinidae) from the Bahamas, Jamaica, Honduras, and Panama 2000
  3 Myodocopid Ostracoda from Exuma Sound, Bahamas, and marine caves and blue holes in the Bahamas, Bermuda, and Mexico 2000
  4 Tetragonodon rex, new species, and general reproductive biology of the Myodocopina 1999
  5 Myodocopid Ostracoda (Halocypridina, Cladocopina) from anchialine caves in the Bahamas, Canary Islands, and Mexico 1998
  6 Ostracoda (Myodocopina) of Tulear Reef Complex, SW Madagascar 1998
  7 Anchialine Ostracoda (Halocyprididae) from San Salvador, Bahamas 1997
  8 Myodocopid Ostracoda of Pillar Point Harbor, Half Moon Bay, California 1997
  9 Ostracoda (Myodocopina) from shallow waters of the Northern Territory and Queensland, Australia 1996
  10 Ostracoda (Myodocopina) of the SE Australian continental slope. 1996
  11 Troglobitic halocyprid ostracoda of anchialine caves in Cuba 1996
  12 Ostracoda (Halocypridina, Cladocopina) from an anchialine lava tube in Lanzarote, Canary Islands 1995
  13 Ostracoda (Myodocopina) of the SE Australian continental slope, part 1 1994
  14 Myodocopid Ostracoda of the Benthedi Expedition, 1977, to the NE Mozambique Channel, Indian Ocean 1992
  15 Ostracoda (Halocypridina, Cladocopina) from anchialine caves in Jamaica, West Indies 1992
  16 Myodocopid Ostracoda of Enewetak and Bikini atolls 1991
  17 Myodocopid Ostracoda of hydrothermal vents in the eastern Pacific Ocean 1991
  18 Ostracoda (Halocyprididae) from anchialine caves in the Bahamas 1990
  19 Bathyal and abyssal myodocopid ostracoda of the Bay of Biscay and vicinity 1989
  20 Ostracoda (Myodocopina, Cladocopina, Halocypridina) mainly from anchialine caves in Bermuda 1989
  21 Troglobitic Ostracoda (Myodocopa: Cypridinidae, Thaumatocyprididae) from anchialine pools on Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos Islands 1989
  22 Myodocopid Ostracoda of the Beaufort Sea, Arctic Ocean 1988
  23 New Ostracoda (Halocyprida, Thaumatocyprididae and Halocyprididae from) anchialine caves in the Bahamas, Palau, and Mexico 1988
  24 Catalog of the Rutidermatidae (Crustacea: Ostracoda) 1987
  25 Cylindroleberididae of the western North Atlantic and northern Gulf of Mexico, and zoogeography of the Myodocopina (Ostracoda) 1986
  26 Sexual dimorphism, ontogeny, and functional morphology of Rutiderma hartmanni Poulsen, 1965 (Crustacea: Ostracoda) 1985
  27 Cypridinadae of the continental shelves of southeastern North America, the northern Gulf of Mexico, and the West Indies (Ostracoda:Myodocopina) 1984
  28 Philomedidae of the continental shelf of eastern North America and the northern Gulf of Mexico (Ostracoda: Myodocopina) / 1984
  29 New species of Dantya from the Indian Ocean (Ostracoda, Sarsiellidae, Dantyinae) / 1983
  30 Rutidermatidae of the Continental Shelf of southeastern North America and the Gulf of Mexico : (Ostracoda, Myodocopina) / 1983
  31 The Ostracode family Cypridinidae and the genus Pterocypridina / 1983
  32 A restudy of the amphiatlantic ostracode Philomedes brenda (Baird, 1850) (Myodocopina) / 1982
  33 A restudy of the Ostracode genus Pleoschisma Brady, 1890 (Myodocopina) / 1981
  34 Angulorostrum, a new genus of myodocopid Ostracoda (Philomedidae, Pseudophilomedinae) 1981
  35 Benthic marine Cypridinoidea from Bermuda (Ostracoda) 1981
  36 Revision, distribution, ecology, and ontogeny of the Ostracode subfamily Cyclasteropinae (Myodocopina, Cylindroleberididae) / 1981
  37 Rutidermatidae of southern California : (Ostracoda ; Myodocopina) / 1981
  38 Nealella : a new genus of myodocopid ostracoda (Sarsiellidae, Dantyinae) / 1980
  39 Harbansus, a new genus of marine Ostracoda, and a revision of the Philomedidae (Myodocopina) 1978
  40 West African myodocopid Ostracoda (Sarsiellidae, Rutidermatidae) / 1978
  41 West African myodocopid Ostracoda (Cypridinidae, Philomedidae) / 1977
  42 Benthic marine Cypridinacea from Hawaii (Ostracoda) 1976
  43 Biological studies of the Bermuda Ocean Acre planktonic Ostracoda / 1976
  44 Metapolycope, a new genus of bathyal Ostracoda from the Atlantic (suborder, Cladocopina) 1976
  45 Myodocopid Ostracoda from southern Africa / 1976
  46 Phylogeny, ontogeny, and morphology of living and fossil Thaumatocypridacea (Myodocopa, Ostracoda) / 1976
  47 Antarctic Ostracoda (Myodocopina) 1975
  48 Ivory Coast Ostracoda (suborder Myodocopina) 1975
  49 Morphology and ontogeny of Bathyconchoecia septemspinosa Angel, 1970 (Ostracoda, Halocyprididae) / 1975
  50 Taxonomic indexes to Ostracoda (suborder Myodocopina) in Skogsberg (1920) and Poulsen (1962, 1965) / 1975
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