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  1 Protecting Water Resources and Managing Stormwater: A Bird's Eye View for Communities in New Hampshire and Throughout New England. 2010
  2 Protecting Water Resources and Managing Stormwater: A Bird's Eye View for New Hampshire Communities. 2010
  3 Environmental technology initiative: chemical-free cleaning of semiconductors by the radiation process {microform} / 1998
  4 Report on the biological monitoring program at Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant : January - December 1997 / 1998
  5 Industry and the environment in the new Russia 1997
  6 Prospects for environmental management in the new Russia : can anything be done? / 1997
  7 Rising sun, gathering winds : policies to stabilize the climate and strengthen economies / 1997
  8 Current Status and Historical Trends of Brown Tide and Red Tide Phytoplankton in the Corpus Christi Bay National Estuary Study Area. 1996
  9 Regional Lake Quality Patterns: Their Relationship to Lake Conservation and Management Decisions. 1996
  10 Report on the biological monitoring programs at Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant : January - December 1995 / 1996
  11 Significance of Regional Lake Quality Patterns to Management/Restoration of Specific Lakes. 1995
  12 On-Road Remote Sensing of CO and HC Emissions in California. 1994
  13 Agricultural ecosystem effects on trace gases and global climate change : proceedings of a symposium / 1993
  14 Development of a Test Method for the Measurement of Gaseous Methanol Emissions from Stationary Sources. 1993
  15 Effects of Pentachlorophenol-Contaminated Food Organisms on Toxicity and Bioaccumulation in the Frog 'Xenopus laevis'. 1993
  16 Troubled lands : the legacy of Soviet environmental destruction / 1993
  17 Hazardous Waste Incineration: The In-situ Capture of Lead by Sorbents in a Laboratory Down-Flow Combustor. 1992
  18 Cost Estimating Systems for Remedial Action Projects. 1991
  19 Earth Sciences report 1989/90 1991
  20 Elements of the U.S. Carbon Budget: Progress and Preliminary Results. 1991
  21 Piperonyl Butoxide as a Tool in Aquatic Toxicological Research with Organophosphate Insecticides. 1991
  22 Recruitment and Growth of the Eastern Oyster, 'Crassostrea virginica', in North Carolina (Includes Executive Summary). 1991
  23 Toxicological Implementations of Remediating Hazardous Wastes. 1991
  24 Treatability testing of British Gas/Lurgi (BGL) coal gasification wastewater 1991
  25 Evaluation of Sucrose as an Alternative to Sodium Chloride in the Microtox (Trade Name) Assay: Comparison to Fish and Cladoceran Tests with Freshwater Effluents. 1990
  26 Laboratory Method to Estimate Hydrogen Chloride Emission Potential Before Incineration of a Waste. 1990
  27 Regional Variation in Growth Response of Coastal Douglas-Fir to Nitrogen Fertilizer in the Pacific Northwest. 1990
  28 Advanced Utility Simulation Model, Report of Sensitivity Testing, Calibration, and Model Output Comparisons (Version 3.0). 1989
  29 Development and validation of a test method for acrylonitrile emissions {microform} / 1989
  30 Advanced Utility Simulation Model, User's Guide (Version 3.0). 1988
  31 Experiential Factors in the Expression of Hypermotility Produced by Intradentate Colchicine: Lack of Effect of GM1 Ganglioside on Colchicine-Induced Loss of Granule Cells and Mossy Fibers (Journal Version). 1987
  32 Influence of coal mineral matter on the effectiveness of dry sorbent injection for SO2 control {microform} / 1987
  33 Time-Dependent Neurobiological Effects of Colchicine Administered Directly into the Hippocampus of Rats (Journal Version). 1987
  34 Clay Liner Construction and Quality Control. 1986
  35 Computer-Based Land Classification for Management of Hazardous Waste. 1986
  36 Tidal mixing and plankton dynamics 1986
  37 Comparative Toxicology of Laboratory Organisms for Assessing Hazardous Waste Sites. 1985
  38 Test of a Prototype Eddy Accumulator for Measuring Atmospheric Vertical Fluxes of Water Vapor and Particulate Sulfate. 1985
  39 Use of Bioassays to Determine Potential Toxicity Effects of Environmental Pollutants. 1985
  40 Effect of Dredging Lilly Lake, Wisconsin. 1984
  41 Inpuff : a single source gaussian puff dispersion algorithm : user's guide / 1984
  42 Acute and Chronic Toxicity of Some Chlorinated Benzenes, Chlorinated Ethanes, and Tetrachloroethylene to 'Daphnia magna'. 1983
  43 Air Pollution Control Sytems for Selected Industries. APTI Course SI: 431. Self-instructional Guidebook. 1983
  44 Aluminum availability--market economy countries : a minerals availability program appraisal / 1983
  45 Evaluation of Sediment and Phosphorus Management Practices in the White Clay Lake Watershed. 1983
  46 Fluorides : effects on vegetation, animals and humans : proceedings of an International Symposium on Fluorides at Utah State University, Logan, Utah, U.S.A., May 24-27, 1982 / 1983
  47 Control of Sulfur Emissions from Oil Shale Retorts. 1982
  48 Control of sulfur emissions from oil shale retorts / 1982
  49 Relationship between visibility and atmospheric turbidity at Raleigh, North Carolina / 1981
  50 Experimental/engineering support for EPA's FBC program : final report / 1980
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