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  1 Simple methodology to determine whether EPA GHG and NHSTA CAFE standards are equivalent to applying California's program nationwide [electronic resource] / 2009
  2 Homeowner's handbook to prepare for natural hazards / 2007
  3 Innovation and regulation in the automobile sector lessons learned and implications for California's CO2 standards / [electronic resource] : 2006
  4 Hawaii coastal hazard mitigation guidebook / 2005
  5 In the tank: how oil prices threaten automakers' profits and jobs [electronic resource]. 2005
  6 Creating the California Cleantech cluster : how innovation and investment can promote job growth and a healthy environment / 2004
  7 Clean getaway toward safe and efficient vehicles / [electronic resource] : 2001
  8 Polar NOM : characterization, DBPs, treatment / 2001
  9 Practical time-frequency analysis : Gabor and wavelet transforms with an implementation in S / 1998
  10 Transformation of TNT to triaminotoluene by mixed cultures incubated under methanogenic conditions 1998
  11 Experimental Evaluation of a Novel Full-Scale Evaporatively Cooled Condenser. 1997
  12 Evaluation of R-22 Alternatives for Heat Pumps. 1996
  13 Transient and steady state study of pure and mixed refrigerants in a residential heat pump {microform} / 1996
  14 Application of Automatic Differentiation for Studying the Sensitivity of Numerical Advection Schemes in Air Quality Models. 1995
  15 Experimental Evaluation of Medium and High Pressure HFC Replacements for R-22. 1995
  16 Prototyping and Implementation of Multiscale Air Quality Models for High Performance Computing. 1995
  17 Sensitivity and Uncertainty Analyses for Numerical Advection Processes. 1995
  18 Testing of Refrigerant Mixtures in Residential Heat Pumps. 1995
  19 Testing of refrigerant mixtures in residential heat pumps {microform} / 1995
  20 Use of Automatic Differentiation for Sensitivity Analysis in Emission Control Process. 1995
  21 Computational Modeling Issues in Next Generation Air Quality Models. 1994
  22 Modeling of Multicomponent Pervaporation for Removal of Volatile Organic Compounds from Water. 1994
  23 Models-3 Air Quality Model Prototype Science Concept Development. 1994
  24 Effects of hydrocarbon spills from an oil pipeline break on ground water 1993
  25 Microbial Degradative Activity in Ground Water at a Chemical Waste Disposal Site. 1993
  26 Model Engineering Concepts for Air Quality Models in an Integrated Environmental Modeling System. 1993
  27 Physical Properties of Fluorinated Propane and Butane Derivatives as Alternative Refrigerants. 1993
  28 Introduction to random signals and applied Kalman filtering. 1992
  29 Physical property data on fluorinated propanes and butanes as CFC and HCFC alternatives {microform} 1992
  30 Environmental Factors Affecting Toluene Degradation in Ground Water at a Hazardous Waste Site. 1991
  31 Modification of the TEACH computer code for use in a study of swirling turbulent flows 1991
  32 Assessing the interactions of organic compounds during biodegradation of complex waste mixtures by naturally occurring bacterial assemblages {microform} / 1989
  33 Microbial degradation kinetics of toxic organic chemicals over a wide range of concentrations in natural aquatic systems {microform} / 1989
  34 Kinetics of Mixed Microbial Assemblages Enhance Removal of Highly Dilute Organic Substrates (Journal Version). 1988
  35 Selection criteria for mathematical models used in exposure assessments : ground-water models. 1988
  36 Selection criteria for mathematical models used in exposure assessments : ground-water models. 1988
  37 Selection criteria for mathematical models used in exposure assessments ground-water models. {microform} : 1988
  38 Descriptions of univariate statistical models for use in environmental data analyses and means for predicting their goodness-of-fit 1987
  39 Methods for Estimating On-Site Ambient Air Concentrations at Disposal Sites. 1987
  40 Modification to the groundwater solute transport model, the random walk, and user's manual for NCASI version, GWSTRW 1987
  41 Multimedia Approach to Risk Assessment for Contaminated Sediments in a Marine Environment. 1987
  42 Multimedia Exposure Estimates Applied to Toxic Waste Sites. 1987
  43 Tubular Microporous Membrane Entrapped Enzyme Reactors for Flow Injection Analysis. 1987
  44 Development of advisory levels for polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) cleanup / 1986
  45 Development of advisory levels for polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) cleanup {microform} / 1986
  46 Estimation of Multimedia Exposures Related to Hazardous Waste Facilities. 1986
  47 Flow Injection Analysis of Trace Hydrogen Peroxide Using an Immobilized Enzyme Reactor (Journal Version). 1986
  48 Fluorometric Flow Injection Determination of Aqueous Peroxides at Nanomolar Level Using Membrane Reactors. 1986
  49 Health Risk Comparison between Groundwater Transport Models and Field Data. 1986
  50 Initial review of some outfall dispersion models and an asymptotic jet dispersion model for use in river systems 1986
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