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  1 Microbial quality of water supply in distribution systems 1996
  2 Compliance concerns with the new coliform regulation {microform} 1992
  3 Microbiological changes in source water treatment : reflections in distribution water quality / {microform} 1992
  4 Searching for a Water Supply Connection in the Cabool, Missouri Disease Outbreak of 'Escherichia coli' 0157:H7. 1992
  5 Visions of the Future in Drinking Water Microbiology. 1992
  6 Waterborne Pathogen Invasions: A Case for Water Quality Protection in Distribution. 1992
  7 Flexibility in bacteriological monitoring {microfiche} 1991
  8 Microbial Aspects of Water Treatment Processes: A Progress Report. 1991
  9 Opportunistic Organisms and the Water Supply Connection. 1991
  10 Bottled Water: Microbial Quality of Alternative Water Supply. 1990
  11 Bottled water: microbial quality of alternative water supply, microform 1990
  12 Characterizing Surface Waters That May Not Require Filtration. 1990
  13 Detection of Fecal Coliforms in Water by Using ((14)C)Mannitol. 1989
  14 Microbial water quality concerns for water supply use, microform 1989
  15 Nonphotosynthetic Pigmented Bacteria in a Potable Water Treatment and Distribution System. 1989
  16 Presence-Absence Coliform Test for Monitoring Drinking Water Quality. 1989
  17 Strategies for monitoring the bacteriological quality of water supply in dristribution system, {microform} / 1989
  18 Characterizing Raw Surface Water Amenable to Minimal Water Supply Treatment. 1988
  19 Coliform Non-Compliance Nightmares in Water Supply Distribution Systems. 1988
  20 Drinking Water Microbiology - New Directions Toward Water Quality Enhancement. 1987
  21 Microbiological Characteristics of Third-Faucet Point-of-Use Devices. 1987
  22 Monitoring for Indicator Bacteria in Small Water Systems. 1987
  23 Occurrence, Significance, and Detection of 'Klebsiella' in Water Systems. 1987
  24 Control of Microorganisms of Public Health Concern in Water (Journal Version). 1986
  25 Microbiology of Granular Activated Carbon Home Treatment Devices. 1986
  26 Potable Water: New Directions in Microbial Regulations. 1986
  27 Potable Water: New Directions in Microbial Regulations. 1986
  28 Public Health Microbiology of Lake and Reservoirs. 1986
  29 'Klebsiella' Occurrence, Significance and Detection in Water Systems: A Progress Report. 1985
  30 Bacterial Colonization of Point-of-Use Water Treatment Devices. 1985
  31 Control of Microorganisms of Public Health Concern in Water. 1985
  32 Heterotrophic Bacteria in Potable Water: Progress in Method Options and Monitoring Benefits. 1985
  33 New Medium for the Enumeration and Subculture of Bacteria from Potable Water. 1985
  34 Perception of Lake Water Resource Management. 1985
  35 Preliminary Investigation of the Occurrence of 'Legionella' Spp. and Other Aquatic Bacteria in Chemically Contaminated Ground Water Treated by Aeration. 1985
  36 Public Whirlpools - The Epidemiology and Microbiology of Disease. 1985
  37 Granular Activated Carbon for Removing Nontrihalomethane Organics from Drinking Water Project Summary 1984
  38 Granular Activated Carbon for Removing Nontrihalomethane Organics from Drinking Water. 1984
  39 Sample Preservation: A Progress Report. 1984
  40 Searching for Rapid Methods in Environmental Bacteriology. 1984
  41 Acinetobacter Spp.: Distinct Morphology on Eosin Methylene Blue Agar as an Aid to Identification in Drinking Water. 1981
  42 Bacterial Dynamics in a Water Supply Reservoir: A Case Study. 1981
  43 Comparison of the Biocidal Efficiency of Alternative Disinfectants. 1981
  44 Occurrence of Microorganisms in Water Main Encrustations. 1981
  45 Removing Trihalomethanes from Drinking Water - An Overview of Treatment Techniques. 1981
  46 Treatment techniques for controlling trihalomethanes in drinking water / 1981
  47 Treatment technologies for controlling trihalomethanes in drinking water. {Microfiche} 1981
  48 Disinfection of New Water Mains. 1976
  49 Handbook for evaluating water bacteriological laboratories / 1975
  50 Handbook for evaluating water bacteriological laboratories. 1975
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