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  1 EPA Actively Evaluating Effectiveness of Its BP and Enbridge Oil Spill Response Communications. Evaluation Report. 2011
  2 Environmental Technology Verification Report: Removal of Inorganic, Microbial and Particulate Contaminants from Secondary Treated Wastewater. Village Marine Tec. Expeditionary Unit Water Purifier, Generation 1. 2011
  3 Cellular Senescence and Tumor Suppression [electronic resource] / 2010
  4 Chemical and Morphological Comparison of Erionite from Oregon, North Dakota, and Turkey. 2010
  5 ENERGY STAR Label Needs to Assure Superior Energy Conservation Performance. A Summary Report. 2010
  6 Evaluation Report: Improvements Needed to Validate Reported ENERGY STAR Benefits. 2008
  7 How rapidly does science leak out? {electronic resource} / 2006
  8 Adams and Victor's principles of neurology / 2005
  9 Sediment Quality of the NY/NJ Harbor System: A 5-Year Revisit: 1993/4-1998. Final Report. An Investigation under the Regional Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program (REMAP). 2003
  10 Adams and Victor's principles of neurology / 2001
  11 Stringent Comparison of Sampling and Analysis Methods for VOCs in Ambient Air. 1999
  12 Contaminated sediments in Boston Harbor / 1998
  13 Sediment quality of the NY/NJ harbor system : Final report / 1998
  14 EPA Method TO-15 VOCs in Air Collected in SUMMA (Trade Name) Canisters and Analyzed by Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry. 1996
  15 Hourly Measurements of VOCs by AutoGC at the New Hendersonville, TN., Southern Oxidants Study Site, June 17-27, 1995. 1996
  16 Interpretation and Data Quality Evaluation of Hourly Measurement of Target VOCs by AutoGC/MS at the New Hendersonville, TN., Southern Oxidants Study Site, June 17-27, 1995. 1996
  17 Potential impact of used oil recycling in Louisiana's coastal fishing communities 1996
  18 Risk assessment of nonylphenol and its ethoxylates in U.S. river water and sediment 1996
  19 Statistical summary : EMAP-estuaries, Louisianian Province - 1993 / 1995
  20 Emission Inventory Improvement Program (EIIP) Area Source Committee. 1994
  21 Abstracts of the Symposium on Geographic Information Systems and Water Resources, Mar. 14-17, 1993, Mobile, Al. / 1993
  22 Chronic Toxicity of Pydraul 50E to Lake Trout. 1993
  23 Evaluation of POHC and PIC screening methods {microform} / 1993
  24 Statistical summary : EMAP-estuaries, Louisianian Province - 1991 / 1993
  25 Efficient Multiple-Exposure Analysis of the Toxicity of Crisnatol: A DNA Intercalator in Phase 2 Clinical Trials. 1992
  26 Evaluation of the chemical resistance of geotextiles, geonet, and pipe {microform} / 1992
  27 Polyploidy Induction as a Consequence of Topoisomerase Inhibition. A Flow Cytometric Assessment. 1991
  28 Production of Arrhythmias by Elevated Carboxyhemoglobin in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease. 1990
  29 UO3/U-Plant wastewater stream-specific report 1990
  30 Agricultural Economics of Environmental Change: Some Lessons from Air Pollution. 1989
  31 Reassessment of the Economic Effects of Ozone on U.S. Agriculture. 1989
  32 User's guide to the Complex Terrain Dispersion Model Plus Algorithms for Unstable Situations (CTDMPLUS) 1989
  33 User's guide to the Complex Terrain Dispersion Model plus algorithms for unstable situations (CTDMPLUS) : volume 1, model description and user instructions / 1989
  34 Implications of Global Climate Change for Western Agriculture. 1988
  35 Second annual report on the ORNL biological monitoring and abatement program 1988
  36 Interlaboratory Study of an EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)/Ames/Salmonella Test Protocol. 1987
  37 PIC analysis methods : project summary / 1987
  38 POHC analysis methods for hazardous waste incineration : project summary / 1987
  39 Simplified Sampling and Analysis System for the Determination of Volatile Organic Compounds in Combustion Effluents. 1987
  40 National Crop Loss Assessment Network (NCLAN) 1984 Annual Report. 1986
  41 National Crop Loss Assessment Network (NCLAN) 1985 Annual Report. 1986
  42 Regional Reactivation of Granular Activated Carbon. 1986
  43 Acid deposition : environmental, economic, and policy issues 1985
  44 Air Quality Criteria for Ozone and Other Photochemical Oxidants. External Review Draft No. 2. Volume 1. 1985
  45 Analytical Methods for Determination of POHC (Principal Organic Hazardous Constituents) in Combustion Products. 1985
  46 Growth-Trend Declines of Spruce and Fir in Mid-Appalachian Subalpine Forests. 1985
  47 Atomic Absorption Spectrometric Determination of Arsenite in Water Samples by Graphite Furnace After Extraction with Ammonium sec-Butyldithiophosphate. 1984
  48 Evaluation of Analytical Methods for the Determination of POHC (Principal Organic Hazardous Constituents) in Combustion Products. 1984
  49 Fisheries monitoring program : Vancouver Lake Restoration project (revised) {microform} / 1984
  50 Pesticide assessment guidelines : subdivision K, exposure : reentry protection / 1984
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