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  1 Abrupt climate change : report / 2008
  2 Improving Monitoring and Assessment of Wetland and Riparian Areas in California through Implementation of a Level 1,2,3 Framework. 2007
  3 Urban Wet-Weather Flows. 2005
  4 Capstone report on the application, monitoring, and performance of permeable reactive barriers for ground-water remediation : volume 2, long term monitoring of PRBs : soil and ground water sampling / 2003
  5 Using reproductive and developmental effects data in ecological risk assessments for oviparous vertebrates exposed to contaminants {microform} / 1998
  6 Remediation of Chromate-Contaminated Ground Water Using an In-situ Permeable Reactive Mixture: Field Pilot Test, Elizabeth City, North Carolina. 1997
  7 Characterization of Chromium-Contaminated Soils Using Field-Portable X-ray Fluorescence. 1994
  8 Contaminant Effects in Marine/Estuarine Systems: Field Studies and Scaled Simulations. 1994
  9 DBP Control in Drinking Water: Cost and Performance. 1994
  10 Demonstration of sorbent injection technology on a tangentially coal-fired utility boiler (Yorktown LIMB demonstration) : project summary / 1994
  11 Demonstration of sorbent injection technology on a tangentially coal-fired utility boiler (Yorktown LIMB demonstration) project summary / {microform} : 1994
  12 Determination of asbestos structures over 10 um in length in drinking water : method 100.2 / 1994
  13 Determination of asbestos structures over 10 um in length in drinking water method 100.2 / {microform} : 1994
  14 Managing Water Quality in Distribution Systems: Simulating TTHM and Chlorine Residual Propagation. 1994
  15 Marine and Estuarine Multi-Species Test Systems. 1994
  16 Package Plants for Small Water Supplies: The U.S. Experience. 1994
  17 Synopsis of Discussion Session on Physicochemical Factors Affecting Toxicity. (Chapter 3). 1994
  18 Transport and Transformation of Hexavalent Chromium Through Soils and into Ground Water. 1994
  19 Asbestos release during building demolition activities / 1993
  20 Downwind Drift and Deposition of Malathion on Human Targets from Ground Ultra-Low Volume Mosquito Sprays. 1993
  21 Effect of the Distribution System on Drinking-Water Quality. 1993
  22 Importance of Physical Scaling Factors to Benthic Marine Invertebrate Recolonization of Laboratory Microcosms. 1993
  23 Inactivation of 'Escherichia coli' by Titanium Dioxide Photocatalytic Oxidation. 1993
  24 Investigating the Preferential Dissolution of Lead from Solder Particulates. 1993
  25 Methods for the Analysis of Carpet Samples for Asbestos. 1993
  26 Pesticide Inputs and Risks in Coastal Wetlands. 1993
  27 Sarasota Bay: Reclaiming Paradise. 1993
  28 Surface Chemical Effects on Colloid Stability and Transport through Natural Porous Media. 1993
  29 Vibrio cholerae 01 Can Assume a 'Rugose' Survival Form That Resists Killing by Chlorine, Yet Retains Virulence. 1993
  30 Comparing the Accuracy of Equation Formats for Modeling Microbial Population Decay Rates. 1992
  31 Distribution, Speciation, and Transformation of Chromium in Contaminated Soils and Aquifer Sediments. 1992
  32 Metals in Ground Water: Sampling Artifacts and Reproducibility. 1992
  33 Safe Drinking Water from Small Systems: Treatment Options. 1992
  34 Sarasota Bay National Estuary Program: Framework for Action. 1992
  35 Searching for a Water Supply Connection in the Cabool, Missouri Disease Outbreak of 'Escherichia coli' 0157:H7. 1992
  36 Asbestos Fiber Release during Change-Out of Filter Bags from HEPA-Filtered Vacuum Cleaners. 1991
  37 Drinking Water from Agriculturally Contaminated Groundwater. 1991
  38 Effects of pH, Solid/Solution Ratio, Ionic Strength, and Organic Acids on Pb and Cd Sorption on Kaolinite. 1991
  39 Evaluating the Costs of Packed-Tower Aeration and GAC for Controlling Selected Organics. 1991
  40 Facilitated transport of inorganic contaminants in ground water. Part II, Colloidal transport / 1991
  41 Facilitated transport of inorganic contaminants in ground water. {microfiche} Colloidal transport 1991
  42 Field-Testing Distribution Water Quality Models. 1991
  43 Mosquito Control Pesticides: Adverse Impacts to Freshwater Aquatic and Marine Organisms. 1991
  44 Bioaccumulation of Kepone by Grass Shrimp ('Palaemonetes pugio'): Importance of Dietary Accumulation and Food Ration. 1990
  45 Characterizing Surface Waters That May Not Require Filtration. 1990
  46 Comparison of the Seagrass 'Thalassia testudinum' and Its Epiphytes in the Field and in Laboratory Test Systems. 1990
  47 Cost Estimates for Controlling SOCs by GAC Treatment. 1990
  48 Measuring and Modeling Variations in Distribution System Water Quality. 1990
  49 Operation of Water Distribution Systems to Improve Water Quality. 1990
  50 Remediation Completed: But Is the Groundwater Meeting the Safe Drinking Water Act Requirements. Haztech International 90. Held in Houston, Texas on May 8-10, 1990. 1990
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