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  1 Integrated Science Assessment for Ozone and Related Photochemical Oxidants. 2011
  2 Map of the Rinconada and Reliz Fault zones, Salinas River Valley, California [electronic resource] / 2009
  3 Biofuels and sustainable development : [electronic resource] / 2008
  4 Overcoming the challenges to the implementation of green chemistry [electronic resource] / 2007
  5 Linking knowledge with action for sustainable development : the role of program management : summary of a workshop : report to the Roundtable on Science and Technology for Sustainability / 2006
  6 Science for global sustainability : toward a new paradigm / 2005
  7 Urban Wet-Weather Flows. 2005
  8 Guidance for comparing background and chemical concentrations in soil for CERCLA sites. 2002
  9 Guidance for comparing background and chemical concentrations in soil for CERCLA sites. {microform} 2002
  10 Communities and the environment : ethnicity, gender, and the state in community-based conservation / 2001
  11 People and forests : communities, institutions, and governance / 2000
  12 Remediation of Chromate-Contaminated Ground Water Using an In-situ Permeable Reactive Mixture: Field Pilot Test, Elizabeth City, North Carolina. 1997
  13 Chesapeake Bay Atmospheric Deposition Study Final Report. 1996
  14 Northeast sweet corn production and integrated pest management manual 1996
  15 Characterization of Chromium-Contaminated Soils Using Field-Portable X-ray Fluorescence. 1994
  16 Effect of Aggregation on 'Vibrio cholerae' Inactivation. 1994
  17 Marine and Estuarine Multi-Species Test Systems. 1994
  18 Transport and Transformation of Hexavalent Chromium Through Soils and into Ground Water. 1994
  19 Analysis of the Relationships among O3 Uptake, Conductance, and Photosynthesis in Needles of 'Pinus ponderosa'. 1993
  20 Asbestos release during building demolition activities / 1993
  21 Downwind Drift and Deposition of Malathion on Human Targets from Ground Ultra-Low Volume Mosquito Sprays. 1993
  22 Importance of Physical Scaling Factors to Benthic Marine Invertebrate Recolonization of Laboratory Microcosms. 1993
  23 Inactivation of 'Escherichia coli' by Titanium Dioxide Photocatalytic Oxidation. 1993
  24 Model for Chlorine Concentration Decay in Pipes. 1993
  25 Surface Chemical Effects on Colloid Stability and Transport through Natural Porous Media. 1993
  26 Vibrio cholerae 01 Can Assume a 'Rugose' Survival Form That Resists Killing by Chlorine, Yet Retains Virulence. 1993
  27 Comparing the Accuracy of Equation Formats for Modeling Microbial Population Decay Rates. 1992
  28 Distribution, Speciation, and Transformation of Chromium in Contaminated Soils and Aquifer Sediments. 1992
  29 Distribution, speciation, and transformation of chromium in contaminated soils and aquifer sediments microform / 1992
  30 Laboratory method to determine the retention of liquids on the surface of hands 1992
  31 Laboratory method to determine the retention of liquids on the surface of hands {microform} / 1992
  32 Metals in Ground Water: Sampling Artifacts and Reproducibility. 1992
  33 Burning Tires for Fuel and Tire Pyrolysis: Air Implications 1991
  34 Burning tires for fuel and tire pyrolysis : air implications / 1991
  35 Burning tires for fuel and tire pyrolysis : air implications / sponsored by: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. 1991
  36 Effects of pH, Solid/Solution Ratio, Ionic Strength, and Organic Acids on Pb and Cd Sorption on Kaolinite. 1991
  37 Facilitated transport of inorganic contaminants in ground water. Part II, Colloidal transport / 1991
  38 Facilitated transport of inorganic contaminants in ground water. {microfiche} Colloidal transport 1991
  39 Physiological and Biochemical Responses of Bush Bean ('Phaseolus vulgaris') to Ozone and Drought Stress. 1991
  40 Bioremediation Monitoring Program. 1990
  41 Bioremediation monitoring program : interim report / 1990
  42 North Carolina's Estuaries: A Pilot Study for Managing Multiple Use in the State's Public Trust Waters. 1990
  43 Unified Wet Deposition Data Summaries for North America: Data Summary Procedures and Results for 1980-1986. 1990
  44 Analysis of Inactivation of 'Giardia lamblia' by Chlorine. 1989
  45 Dredged material effects assessment: single-species toxicity/bioaccumulation and macrobenthos colonization tests {microform} / 1989
  46 Evaluation of Long-Term Sulfur Deposition Models. 1989
  47 Chemical residuals transport in aggregated soils mathematical simulation by the linear system approach / 1988
  48 Developing policies for responding to climatic change a summary of the discussions and recommendations of the workshops held in Villach (28 September-2 October 1987) and Bellagio (9-13 November 1987), under the auspices of the Beijer Institute, Stockholm. 1988
  49 Microbiological Risk Assessment for Land Application of Municipal Sludge. 1988
  50 Organic Cation Effects on the Sorption of Metals and Neutral Organic Compounds on Aquifer Material (Journal Version). 1988
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