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  1 Summary Report for Personal Chemical Exposure Informatics: Visualization and Exploratory Research in Simulations and Systems (PerCEIVERS). 2012
  2 Prevention of Elemental Mercury Reemissions from Illinois Coal Wet Scrubbers. 2005
  3 Characterization and Reduction of Formaldehyde Emissions from a Low-VOC Latex Paint. 2000
  4 Measurements of Volatile Organic Compounds and Particles during Application of Latex Paint with an Airless Sprayer. 2000
  5 Investigating the influence of relative humidity, air velocity, and amplification on the emission rates of fungal spores, {microform} / 1999
  6 Evaluation of Sink Effects on VOCs from a Latex Paint. 1998
  7 Review of Concentration Standards and Guidelines for Fungi in Indoor Air. 1998
  8 Susceptibility of fiberglass duct liner to fungal (Penicillium chrysogenum) growth, {microform} / 1998
  9 Characterization of VOC emissions from an alkyd paint {microform} / 1997
  10 Effectiveness of vacuum cleaning on fungally contaminated duct materials {microform} / 1997
  11 Fungal emission reates and their impact on indoor air {microform} / 1997
  12 Amplification of 'Penicillium chrysogenum' on Three HVAC Duct Materials. 1996
  13 Design and Operation of a Dynamic Test Chamber for Measurement of Biocontaminant Pollutant Emission and Control. 1995
  14 Evaluation of Fungal Growth ('Penicillium glabrum') on a Ceiling Tile. 1994
  15 Evaluation of Portable Gas Chromatographs. 1993
  16 Evaluation of Portable Gas Chromatographs. 1993
  17 Modeling of Alkane Emissions from a Wood Stain. 1993
  18 Sorption and Reemission of Formaldehyde by Gypsum Wallboard. 1993
  19 2,4,5-Trichlorophenoxyacetic Acid Influence on 2,6-Dinitrotoluene-Induced Urine Genotoxicity in Fisher 344 Rats: Effect on Gastrointestinal Microflora and Enzyme Activity. 1992
  20 Characterization of Organic Emission from a Wood Finishing Product-Wood Stain. 1992
  21 Climate change and water supply, management and use : a literature review / 1992
  22 Effects of Building Features on Indoor Air and Pollutant Movements. 1992
  23 Epithelial Injury and Interstitial Fibrosis in the Proximal Alveolar Regions of Rats Chronically Exposed to a Simulated Pattern of Urban Ambient Ozone. 1992
  24 Evaluation of Commercially-Available Portable Gas Chromatographs. 1992
  25 Evaluation of Para-Dichlorobenzene Emissions from Solid Moth Repellant as a Source of Indoor Air Pollution. 1992
  26 Modeling of the Fast Organic Emissions from a Wood-Finishing Product: Floor Wax. 1992
  27 Investigation of RADM Performance Using Aircraft Measurements. 1991
  28 Bench-Scale Evaluation of Calcium Sorbents for Acid Gas Emission Control. 1990
  29 Commercial development of the ADVACATE process for flue gas desulfurization {microform} / 1990
  30 Effect of Lindane on Intestinal Nitroreductase, Azoreductase, SS-Glucuronidase, Dechlorinase, and Dehydrochlorinase Activity. 1990
  31 Evaluation of FGD dry injection sorbents and additives. project summary / development of high reactivity sorbents : 1990
  32 Evaluation of FGD injection sorbents and additives. project summary / pilot plant evaluation of high reactivity sorbents : 1990
  33 Bench-scale evaluation of calcium sorbents for acid gas emission control {microform} / prepared by Wojciech Jozewicz, John C.S. Chang and Charles B. Sedman. 1989
  34 Evaluation of FGD (Flue Gas Desulfurization) Dry Injection Sorbents and Additives. Volume 2. Pilot Plant Evaluation of High Reactivity Sorbents. 1989
  35 Evaluation of FGD dry injection sorbents and additives. {microform} development of high reactivity sorbents 1989
  36 Trace metal associations in the water column of south San Francisco Bay, California / 1989
  37 Characterization of Advanced Sorbents for Dry SO2 Control (Journal Article). 1988
  38 Development and Pilot Plant Evaluation of Silica-Enhanced Lime Sorbents for Dry Flue Gas Desulfurization (Journal Version). 1988
  39 Silica-Enhanced Sorbents for Dry Injection Removal of SO2 from Flue Gas (Journal Version). 1988
  40 Characterization of Advanced Sorbents for Dry SO2 Control. 1987
  41 Evaluation of Solids Dewatering for a Pilot-Scale Thiosorbic Lime SO2 Scrubber. 1987
  42 Evaluation of Sorbents and Additives for Dry SO2 (Sulfur Dioxide) Removal (Journal Version). 1987
  43 Reactivation of Solids from Furnace Injection of Limestone for SO2 Control. 1987
  44 Silica-Enhanced Sorbents for Dry Injection Removal of SO2 from Flue Gas. 1987
  45 Small-Scale Pilot Evaluation of Calcium- and Sodium-Based Sorbents for Dry SO2 Removal. 1987
  46 Evaluation of Gypsum Crystallization for Limestone Flue Gas Desulfurization. 1986
  47 Evaluation of Sorbents and Additives for Dry SO2 (Sulfur Dioxide) Removal. 1986
  48 Gypsum Crystallization for Limestone FGD (Flue Gas Desulfurization). 1986
  49 Pilot Testing of Sodium Thiosulfate. 1986
  50 Thiosulfate as an Oxidation Inhibitor in Flue Gas Desulfurization Processes: A Review of R and D Results. 1986
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