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  1 Surveillance for Waterborne Disease Outbreaks and Other Health Events Associated with Recreational Water United States, 20072008 and Surveillance for Waterborne Disease Outbreaks Associated with Drinking Water United States, 2007-2008. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, Surveillance Summaries, Vol. 60, No. 12, September 12. 2011
  2 Seasonal Climate: Forecasting and Managing Risk [electronic resource] / 2008
  3 Land subsidence and aquifer-system compaction in the Tucson Active Management Area, south-central Arizona, 1987-2005 {electronic resource} / 2007
  4 Arsenic and Bacteriophage Ms2 Removal from Groundwater by Nanoparticulate Aluminum Oxide Coated Granular Filter Media: A Pilot-Scale Evaluation on the Effect of pH and Coating Density. 2006
  5 Environmentally sensitive maintenance for dirt and gravel roads / 2006
  6 Ambient Toxicity Testing in Chesapeake Bay: Year 9. An Assessment of the Chester and Rappahannock Rivers. 2002
  7 Water quality, sediment quality, and stream-channel classification of Rock Creek, Washington, D.C., 1999-2000 / 2002
  8 Biotechnology deskbook / 2001
  9 Ambient Toxicity Testing in Chesapeake Bay, Year 8 Report. 2000
  10 Ambient Toxicity Testing in Chesapeake Bay: Year 7 Report. 2000
  11 Crosscutting analysis of trading programs : case studies in air, water, and wetland mitigation trading systems / 2000
  12 Measurement of Virus and Indicator Survival and Transport in the Subsurface 2000
  13 Environmental law practice : problems and exercises for skills development / 1999
  14 Maintaining Water Quality in Finished Water Storage Facilities 1999
  15 Object oriented methods for interoperable scientific and engineering computing : proceedings of the 1998 SIAM workshop / 1999
  16 Risk assessment and indoor air quality 1999
  17 Sociodemographic data used for identifying potentially highly exposed populations {microform}. 1999
  18 Sociodemographic data used for identifying potentially highly exposed populations. 1999
  19 Acute and chronic toxicity of copper to the estuarine copepod Eurytemora affinis : final report / 1998
  20 Acute and chronic toxicity of copper to the estuarine copepod Eurytemora affinis final report / {microform} : 1998
  21 Ambient Toxicity Testing in Chesapeake Bay, 5 Year Report. 1998
  22 Ambient toxicity testing in Chesapeake Bay : year 6 report / 1998
  23 Analysis of evidence : how to do things with facts based on Wigmore's Science of judicial proof / 1998
  24 Distribution of dissolved pesticides and other water quality constituents in small streams, and their relation to land use, in the Willamette River Basin, Oregon, 1996 1998
  25 Habitat creation and repair 1998
  26 Allergic diseases : diagnosis and treatment / 1997
  27 Phytoremediation of soil and water contaminants 1997
  28 Proof positive : how to find typos and grammatical errors before they embarrass you / 1996
  29 Storm water & urban runoff seminars and NPS pollution control in coastal zones workshops : final report. 1996
  30 CZAEM user's guide modeling capture zones of ground-water wells using analytic elements 1995
  31 Pilot Study to Evaluate Biological, Physical, Chemical, and Land-Use Characteristics in Maryland Coastal Plain Streams. Year 2. 1995
  32 Water Resources Data for California Water Year 1994. Volume 4. Northern Central Valley Basins and The Great Basin from Honey Lake Basin to Oregon State Line. 1995
  33 Determinants of sediment toxicity in San Francisco Bay : final report / 1994
  34 Influence of Sediment Extract Fractionation Methods on Bioassay Results. 1994
  35 Napa Conference on Genetic and Molecular Ecotoxicology : October 12-15, 1993, Yountville, California / 1994
  36 Pilot Study for Ambient Toxicity Testing in Chesapeake Bay. Year 3 Report. 1994
  37 The Effect of salinity on the acute toxicity of total dissolved and free cadmium to the copepod Eurytemora affinis and the larval fish Cyprinodon variegatus / 1994
  38 Updated Review of Estuarine Aquatic Toxicity Data for the Development of Aquatic Life Criteria for Atrazine in Chesapeake Bay. Phase 2 Report. 1994
  39 Assessment of Salinity Effects on the Toxicity of Atrazine to Chesapeake Bay Species: Data Needs for Development of Estuarine Aquatic Life Criteria. 1993
  40 Maturational Changes in Dermal Absorption of 2,3,7,8-Tetrachlorodibenzo-p-Dioxin (TCDD) in Fischer 344 Rats. 1993
  41 Nonpoint source pollution control : a guide for builders and developers / 1993
  42 Review of the Current Status of Marine Algal Toxicity Testing in the United States. 1993
  43 Aleutian shield fern (Polystichum aleuticum C. Chr. in Hulten) recovery plan 1992
  44 Summary report forest health monitoring in the South, 1991 / 1992
  45 Urban BMP's: A Stormwater Control Demonstration Project. 1992
  46 ASTER: An Integration of the ACQUIRE Data Base and the QSAR System for Use in Ecological Risk Assessments. 1991
  47 Copper Toxicity to Sperm, Embryos and Larvae of Topsmelt 'Atherinops affinis', with Notes on Induced Spawning. 1991
  48 Effect of the Geochemical Environment on Heavy-Metal Transport in Ground Water. 1991
  49 Factors controlling minimum soil liner thickness / 1991
  50 Factors controlling minimum soil liner thickness {microform} / 1991
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