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  1 1974 preoperational zooplankton investigations relative to the Donald C. Cook Nuclear Plant 1975
  2 1975 and 1976 operational zooplankton investigations relative to the Donald C. Cook Nuclear Power Plant, with tests for plant effects (1971-1976) 1978
  3 1997 atlas of Chesapeake Bay Basin biological and living resources long term monitoring programs 1997
  4 A guide to rotifers of the Laurentian Great Lakes / 1979
  5 Abundance, composition, and distribution of crustacean zooplankton in relation to hypolimnetic oxygen depletion in west-central Lake Erie 1977
  6 Accumulation and retention of chromium-51 by freshwater zooplankton 1974
  7 Acid Mine Pollution Effects on Lake Biology. 1971
  8 Acoustic and net surveys of fishes and zooplankton final report / 1977
  9 Alterations in Growth, Reproduction, and Energy Metabolism of Estuarine Crustaceans as Indicators of Pollutant Stress. 1994
  10 Alterations in the Energy Metabolism of an Estuarine Mysid 'Mysidopsis bahia' as Indicators of Stress from Chronic Pesticide Exposure. 1990
  11 An investigation of the nearshore region of Lake Ontario IFYGL. 1976
  12 Analysis and Interpretation of Zooplankton Samples Collected during Phase 2 of the Eastern Lake Survey. 1992
  13 Analysis and interpretation of zooplankton samples collected during phase II of the eastern lake survey / 1991
  14 Analysis and interpretation of zooplankton samples collected during phase II of the eastern lake survey microform / 1991
  15 Animals associated with potable water supplies operators' identification guide. 1960
  16 Aquatic disposal field investigations, Eatons Neck disposal site, Long Island Sound : appendix E, predisposal baseline conditions of zooplankton assemblages, final report / 1977
  17 Arsenic Transport and Impact in Chesapeake Bay Food Webs. Attachment A: Arsenic Impact on Growth, Fecundity, Species Composition and Subsequent Transport of Arsenic in Estuarine Food Webs. 1988
  18 Assessment of Historical Change in Two Northern Minnesota Lakes. 1984
  19 Assessment of the Potential Impacts on Zooplankton and Fish of Ocean Dredged Material at the Norfolk Disposal Site. 1984
  20 Bioavailability and trophic transfer of humic bound metals from bacteria to zooplankton / 1997
  21 Biological control of aquatic nuisances : a review / 1977
  22 Biological Investigations of Lake Wingra. 1973
  23 Biological Researchy on the Effects of Undispersed and Dispersed Experimental Crude Oil Slicks in the New York Bight with Cover Letter dated 09/05/85 and EPA Response dated 11/05/85. 1985
  24 Biological studies of the Bermuda Ocean Acre planktonic Ostracoda / 1976
  25 Biological, chemical and physical relationships in the Straits of Mackinac / 1976
  26 Browns Ferry biothermal research series / 1978
  27 Browns Ferry Biothermal Research Series. II. Effects of Temperature on Bluegill and Walleye, and Periphyton, Macroinvertebrate, and Zooplankton Communities in Experimental Ecosystems. 1979
  28 Calvert Cliffs zooplankton entrainment study 1900
  29 Caribbean zooplankton. 1976
  30 Changes in the Physiological Performance and Energy Metabolism of an Estuarine Mysid 'Mysidopsis bahia' Exposed in the Laboratory through a Complete Life Cycle to the Defoliant DEF. 1991
  31 Changes In The Zooplankton Community In Response To Reductions In Nutrient Loading To Saginaw Bay (lake Huron) 1983
  32 Changes in the Zooplankton Community in Response to Reductions in Nutrient Loading to Saginaw Bay (Lake Huron). 1983
  33 Charting a Course toward Diagnostic Monitoring: A Continuing Review of Coral Reef Attributes and a Research Strategy for Creating Coral Reef Indexes of Biotic Integrity. 2000
  34 Chemical and Biological Studies Related to the Water Quality of St. Louis Bay of Lake Superior. 1984
  35 Chronic toxicity and interactions between P, P§-DDT, P, P§-DDD, P, P§-DDE and pelagic crustacean larvae / 1978
  36 Coastal marine zooplankton : a practical manual for students / 1996
  37 Combined effects of cadmium and zinc on a Lake Michigan zooplankton community / 1980
  38 Comprehensive Program for the Evaluation of Artificial Diets. 1993
  39 Computer Simulation of Trophic Level Interrelationships in Cayuga Lake. 1973
  40 Critical Review of Currently Available Water Quality Models. 1973
  41 Culturing and ecology studies of the rotifer, Polyarthra vulgaris / 1977
  42 Current Status and Historical Trends of the Estuarine Living Resources within the Corpus Christi Bay National Estuary Program Study Area. Volume 4. Checklist of Species within the CCBNEP Study Area: References, Habitats, Distribution, and Abundance. 1996
  43 Daily ration estimates for young-of-the-year yellow perch (Perca flavescens) and sunfish (Lepomis spp.) from Lake Itasca, Minnesota 1990
  44 Das Zooplankton der Binnengewasser, 1972
  45 Degradation of the Peritrophic Membrane of Fresh-Water Zooplankton Fecal Pellets. 1983
  46 Description, distribution, and ecology of the rotifer and crustacean plankton communities, Flathead Lake, Montana. 1972
  47 Description, Distribution, and Ecology of the Rotifer and Crustacean Plankton Communities, Flathead Lake, Montana. 1973
  48 Design of 301(h) monitoring programs for municipal wastewater discharges to marine waters / 1982
  49 Diel Flux of Dissolved Carbohydrate in a Salt Marsh and a Simulated Estuarine Ecosystem. 1982
  50 Distribution, Composition and Biomass of the Crustacean Zooplankton Population in Western Lake Superior. 1973
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