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  1 Acid sulfate weathering proceedings of a symposium / 1982
  2 Acidic deposition and the corrosion and deterioration of materials in the atmosphere : a bibliography, 1880-1982 / 1983
  3 Acidic Deposition and The Corrosion and Deterioration Of Materials In The Atmosphere Bibliography 1983
  4 Acidification of aquatic and terrestrial systems : chemical weathering / 1984
  5 Acidification of Aquatic and Terrestrial Systems: Chemical Weathering. 1984
  6 Airborne Trace Elements in Great Smoky Mountains, Olympic, and Glacier National Parks. 1984
  7 An automatic chlorination system for eliminating biological growth in pumping systems for automatic instrumentation / 1978
  8 Assessment of Contaminant Release Rates and Potentials from Solidified/Stabilized Municipal Waste Combustion Residues. 1993
  9 Atmospheric Acid Deposition Damage to Paints. 1986
  10 Atmospheric Weathering Caused by Dry Deposition of Acidic Compounds. 1989
  11 Benzene and Naphthalene Sorption on Soil Contaminated with High Molecular Weight Residual Hydrocarbons from Unleaded Gasoline. 1990
  12 Capture-and-containment systems for hazardous material spills on land {MICROFICHE} 1984
  13 Characteristics of spilled oils, fuels, and petroleum products 1. composition and properties of selected oils / {microform} : 2003
  14 Characteristics of spilled oils, fuels, and petroleum products : 1. composition and properties of selected oils / 2003
  15 Characterization of painted surfaces in the United States from the perspective of potential damage from acidic deposition {microform} : 1989
  16 Chemical Weathering and Solution Chemistry in Acid Forest Soils: Differential Influence of Soil Type, Biotic Processes, and H+ Deposition. 1985
  17 Chemistry and Corrosiveness of Dew. 1985
  18 Chemistry of weathering 1985
  19 Comparison of Five Solidification/Stabilization Processes for Treatment of Municipal Waste Combustion Residues. Part 1. Physical Testing. 1991
  20 Contaminant Leaching from Solidified-Stabilized Wastes, Overview. 1991
  21 Correlation of Oils and Oil Products by Gas Chromatography. 1972
  22 Derivation of a Damage Function for Galvanized Steel Structures: Corrosion Kinetics and Thermodynamic Considerations. 1990
  23 Deterioration of marble a retrospective analysis of tombstone measurements in the New York City area / {microform} : 1985
  24 Dispersion of crude oil and petroleum products in freshwater [electronic resource] / 2008
  25 Effect of Inoculation on the Biodegradation of Weathered Prudhoe Bay Crude Oil. 1992
  26 Effect of Oxalate on the Dissolution Rates of Oligoclase and Tremolite (Journal Version). 1987
  27 Effects of acid deposition on painted wood substrates microform / 1989
  28 Effects of Acidification on Stream Ecosystems. 1982
  29 Effects of air pollution on the built environment 2003
  30 Effects of deterioration on safety and reliability of structures : proceedings of a session sponsored by the Structural Division of the American Society of Civil Engineers in conjunction with the ASCE Convention in Seattle, Washington, April 10, 1986 / 1986
  31 Effects of forest vegetation on solute acquisition and chemical weathering a study of the Tesuque watersheds near Santa Fe, New Mexico / 1983
  32 Effects of gaseous pollutants on materials : a chamber study / 1976
  33 Effects of Parameter Uncertainty on Long-Term Simulations of Lake Alkalinity. 1990
  34 Enhancement of Biodegradation of Alaskan Weathered Crude Oil Components by Indigenous Microbiota with the Use of Fertilizers and Nutrients. 1993
  35 Environmental contamination from trace elements in coal preparation wastes : a literature review and assessment / 1976
  36 Environmental exposure system for studying air pollution damage to materials / 1975
  37 Environmental Factors Affecting the Corrosion of Weathering Steel. 1985
  38 Evaluation of an Atmospheric Damage Function for Galvanized Steel. 1990
  39 Evaluation of Flexible Membrane Liner Seams after Chemical Exposure and Simulated Weathering Project Summary 1987
  40 Evaluation of flexible membrane liner seams after chemical exposure and simulated weathering {microform} / 1987
  41 Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Coatings in Reducing Dislodgeable Arsenic, Chromium, and Copper from CCA Treated Wood. Quality Assurance Project Plan Category II/Sampling and Analysis Revision 6. 2003
  42 EVAP3.0 CRC Evaporative Emission Model: User's Manual. 1993
  43 Evaporative Emission Model (EVAP 3.0) (for Microcomputers). 1993
  44 Extensive overburden potentials for soil and water quality / 1976
  45 Extensive overburden potentials for soil and water quality {microform} / 1976
  46 Feasibility of identifying mystery oil spills {microform} / 1981
  47 Field and laboratory methods applicable to overburdens and minesoils / 1978
  48 Field Experiment to Partition the effects of Dry and Wet Deposition on Metallic Materials. 1985
  49 Field Exposure Study for Determining the Effects of Acid Deposition on the Corrosion and Deterioration of Materials: Description of Program and Preliminary Results. 1985
  50 Field-Deployable Monitors for Volatile Organic Compounds in Air. (Essential Capabilities of a Portable Gas Chromatograph). 1993
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