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  1 "Externalization" of EPA's water laboratory performance evaluation programs : options paper : draft. 1996
  2 'Mysidopsis bahia': An Estuarine Species Suitable for Life-Cycle Toxicity Tests to Determine Effects of a Pollutant. 1977
  3 2001 Coastal Illicit Connection Identification and Elimination Grant Project. A Final Report to the New Hampshire Estuaries Report. 2003
  4 2003 Coastal Illicit Connection Identification and Elimination Grant Project. A Final Report to the New Hampshire Estuaries Report. 2004
  5 A feasibility demonstration of an aerial surveillance spill prevention system / 1972
  6 A field screening method for polychlorinated biphenyl compounds in water / 1994
  7 A solid substrate immunological assay for monitoring organic environmental contaminants / 1977
  8 A study of new catalytic agents to determine chemical oxygen demand / 1977
  9 A virus-in-water study of finished water from six communities / 1975
  10 Acquisition and Analysis of Groundwater/Aquifer Samples: Current Technology and the Trade off between Quality Assurance and Practical Considerations. 1990
  11 Adsorption of Chlorinated Hydrocarbons from Seawater by a Crosslinked Polymer. 1973
  12 Adsorption of Organic Compounds from Water with Porous Poly(Tetrafluoroethylene). 1984
  13 Adsorption of trace metals by hydrous ferric oxide in seawater / 1980
  14 Adsorption-Thermal Desorption as a Method for the Determination of Low Levels of Aqueous Organics. 1982
  15 Aerial Photographic Tracing of Pulp Mill Effluent in Marine Waters. 1970
  16 Aerial spill prevention surveillance during sub-optimum weather, 1973
  17 Air Sparging Experiments on a Two Dimensional Sand Box with DNAPLS: Multiphase Investigation with Electrical Impedance Tomography. 1996
  18 Airphoto Analysis of Ocean Outfall Dispersion. 1971
  19 Aldicarb and Related Compounds in Drinking Water via Direct Aqueous Injection HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) with Post Column Derivatization. 1985
  20 Aldrin and Endrin in Water - A Bibliography. 1972
  21 Alsterberg (AZID) Modification of the Winkler Method for the Determination of the BOD of Incinerator Quench Water and the Calibration of the Weston and Stack DO Analyzer Model 300-B. 1970
  22 Alternate enzymes for use in cholinesterase antagonist monitors : CAM's / 1980
  23 Alternatives to Methanol-Water Elution of Solid-Phase Extraction Columns for the Fractionation of High Log K(sub ow) Organic Compounds in Aqueous Environmental Samples. 1993
  24 Ambient Concentrations of PCBs in the Southeast from STORET Data and Selected EPA Studies. 1977
  25 An index of refractory organics / 1977
  26 Analyses of grab samples from fixed-bed coal gasification processes / 1977
  27 Analyses of Organic and Inorganic Mercury by Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry Using a Semiautomatic Analytical System. 1994
  28 Analysis for mercury in water : a preliminary study of methods / 1972
  29 Analysis for Ozone and Residual Chlorine by Differential Pulse Polarography of Phenylarsine Oxide. 1979
  30 Analysis of a Wastewater for Seven Priority Pollutant Elements by D.C. Argon Plasma Emission Spectroscopy. 1982
  31 Analysis of Aromatic Compounds in Water using Fluorescence and Phosphorescence. 1972
  32 Analysis of chlorinated organic compounds formed during chlorination of wastewater products {MICROFICHE} 1982
  33 Analysis of chlorinated organic compounds formed during chlorination of wastewater products. 1982
  34 Analysis of coprostanol, an indicator of fecal contamination / 1974
  35 Analysis of cyanide in water and waste samples, {microform} 1953
  36 Analysis of Extractable Priority Pollutants in Water by GC/MS. 1985
  37 Analysis of Industrial Effluents for RCRA and Other Pollutants. 1985
  38 Analysis of Industrial Wastewater for Organic Pollutants in Consent Decree Survey. 1983
  39 Analysis of inorganic and organic chloramines: derivatization with 2-mercaptobenzothiazole microform / 1989
  40 Analysis of organic compounds in two kraft mill wastewaters {microform} / 1975
  41 Analysis of Organohalides in Water--An Evaluation Update. 1983
  42 Analysis of Solutions for Surface Active Agents. 1970
  43 Analysis of Supersatuated Air in Natural Waters and Reservoirs. 1980
  44 Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds in Water by Dynamic Stripping, Thermal Desorption, Cryofocusing, and Capillary Gas Chromatography (Journal Version). 1988
  45 Analysis of water-soluble organics {microform} / 1984
  46 Analytical Isolation, Separation and Identification of Mutagens from Nonvolatile Organics of Drinking Water. 1985
  47 Analytical method : the analysis of by-product chlorinated biphenyls in water, Revision 2 {microform} / 1985
  48 Analytical Method for Total Heavy Metal Complexing Agents in Water and Its Application to Water Quality Studies. 1973
  49 Analytical Methods Evaluation for Applicability in Leachate Analysis. 1981
  50 Analytical methods for by-product PCBs, preliminary validation and interim methods. 1982
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