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  1 Aerosol formation from gas phase reactions of ozone and olefin in the presence of sulfur dioxide / 1974
  2 Analysis of aldehydes and ketones in the gas phase {microform} / 1985
  3 Atmopheric Mercury Measurements: Recent Observations in the Great Lakes Basin. 1992
  4 Atmospheric fates of organic chemicals : prediction of ozone and hydroxyl radiacal reaction rates and mechanisms {microform} / 1985
  5 Background information on hydrocarbon emissions from marine terminal operations / 1976
  6 Chemical transformation modules for Eulerian acid deposition models : volume I, The aqueous-phase chemistry {microform} / 1985
  7 Destruction of Chlorinated Hydrocarbons by Catalytic Oxidation. 1986
  8 DLR Jet-REMPI as a Continuous Emissions Monitor: Measurements of Chlorinated Dibenzodioxins. 1997
  9 Droplet Phase (Heterogeneous) and Gas Phase (Homogeneous) Contributions to Secondary Ambient Aerosol Formation as Functions of Relative Humidity. 1983
  10 Equilibrium Diagram of a Vapor-Liquid System. 1967
  11 Evaluation of ozone calibration procedures {microform} / 1980
  12 Evaluation of the RADM gas-phase chemical mechanism {microform} / 1990
  13 Experimental protocol for determining protolysis reaction rate constants {microform} / 1983
  14 Field Trapping of Subsurface Vapor Phase Petroleum Hydrocarbons. 1994
  15 Initial environmental test plan for source assessment of coal gasification / 1976
  16 Kinetics and Mechanisms of the Gas-Phase Reactions of Ozone with Organic Compounds under Atmospheric Conditions. 1984
  17 Kinetics of the Gas Phase Reaction of Cl Atoms with a Series of Organics at 296 + or - 2 K and Atmospheric Pressure. 1985
  18 Kinetics of the Reactions of Naphthalene and Biphenyl with OH Radicals and with O3 at 294 + or - 1 K. 1984
  19 MANE: A Multiphase, Aqueous, Non-Steady State, Equilibrium Model for Simulating Soil-Water Interactions. 1990
  20 MOFAT, a two-dimensional finite element program for multiphase flow and multicomponent transport program documentation and user's guide / 1991
  21 NAPL : simulator documentation / 1997
  22 Optimizing an Air Quality Model's Algorithms for the Cray Y-MP and the MASPAR MP-1. 1994
  23 Ozone calibration and audit by gas phase titration in excess ozone : (Bendix┬¬ transportable field calibration system, models 8861D and 8861DA) / 1979
  24 Permeability of Polymeric Membrane Lining Materials. 1984
  25 Petroleum Hydrocarbons and Chlorinated Hydrocarbons Differ in Their Potential for Vapor Intrusion. 2011
  26 Preliminary Evaluation Studies with the Regional Acid Deposition Model (RADM). 1986
  27 Rate Constants for the Reaction of OH Radicals with a Series of Alkenes and Dialkenes at 295 + or - 1 K. 1984
  28 Salmonella/Microsome Dessicator Assay of 1,1,1-Trichloroethane (Methylchloroform) with Cover Letter. 1982
  29 Sampling and Determination of Gas-Phase Hydrogen Peroxide Following Removal of Ozone by Gas-Phase Reaction with Nitric Oxide. 1986
  30 Soil Sorption of Organic Vapors and Effects of Humidity on Sorptive Mechanism and Capacity. 1985
  31 Solubilities of acid gases and nitrogen in methanol / 1980
  32 The solubility of acid gases in methanol / 1979
  33 Uptake and Photodegradation of 2,3,7,8-Tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin Sorbed to Grass Foliage. 1993
  34 Vapor-Phase 2,3,7,8-TCDD Sorption to Plant Foliage: A Species Comparison. 1994
  35 Vapor-phase organic pollutants : volatile hydrocarbons and oxidation products / 1975
  36 Vapor-phase organic pollutants volatile hydrocarbons and oxidation products / [microform] : 1975
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