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  1 50-mile ballast-oil dumping prohibited zone off Alaska reconsidered in the light of available data gleaned from significant incidents {microform} : / 1970
  2 A citizen's guide to in situ soil flushing. 1992
  3 A field screening method for polychlorinated biphenyl compounds in water / 1994
  4 Absorption of Alkyl and Alkylaryl Sulfonates on Polar Solids. 1967
  5 Adsorption of organic cations to soils and subsurface materials 1990
  6 Adsorption of Surfactants (Chapter 7). 1991
  7 Adsorption of Surfactants on Selected Minerals. 1966
  8 Analysis of Solutions for Surface Active Agents. 1970
  9 Analytical Reference Service Training Program. Sample Type VI, Water-Surfactant. 1959
  10 Analytical Reference Service Training Program. Water Surfactant Number 2, May, 1964. 1964
  11 Application of foam scrubbing to fine particle control : phase I / 1976
  12 Aquatic Fungi of the Lotic Environment and Their Role in Stream Purification. 1973
  13 Bioavailability to Plants of Sludge-Borne Toxic Organics. 1992
  14 Biosurfactants and biotechnology 1987
  15 Characteristics of Surfactants in Toxicity Identification Evaluations. 1990
  16 Chemical Analyses for Water Quality. Training Manual. 1973
  17 Chemical enhancements to pump-and-treat remediation / 1992
  18 Chemical Market Input/Output Analysis of Selected Chemical Substances to Assess Sources of Environmental Contamination: Task II. Biphenyl and Diphenyl Oxide. 1976
  19 Citizen's guide to in situ soil flushing {microform}. 1992
  20 Cleaning excavated soil using extraction agents : a state-of-the-art review / 1989
  21 Colchicine Inhibits Elevations in Both Alveolar-Capillary Membrane Permeability and Lavage Surfactant After Exposure of the Rat to Phosgene. 1992
  22 Concepts in Improving Polychlorinated Biphenyl Bioavailability to Bioremediation Strategies. 1994
  23 Control of Hazardous Chemical Spills by Physical Barriers. 1973
  24 Dairy Food Plant Wastes and Waste Treatment Practices. 1971
  25 Detergents as They Affect the Sewage Treatment Plant. 1957
  26 Detergents in Water. A Bibliography. 1971
  27 Determining Fetal Pulmonary Maturity by Testing Surfactant in Amniotic Fluid. 1974
  28 Developing methods for analyzing oil dispersants in seawater {microform} / 1984
  29 Development of a Froth Process for the Treatment of Sour Water. 1970
  30 Development of Chemical Countermeasures for Hazardous Waste Contaminated Soil. 1984
  31 Development of Phosphate-Free Home Laundry Detergents. 1970
  32 Development of standard procedures for evaluating oxygen transfer devices / 1983
  33 Development of standard procedures for evaluating oxygen transfer devices {microform} / 1983
  34 Dioxane in Cosmetic Preparations with Cover Letter dated 09/16/88. 1988
  35 Dispersion of crude oil and petroleum products in freshwater [electronic resource] / 2008
  36 Ecotoxicology of selected surfactants for the detergent and cleanser sector 1998
  37 Effect of Bisolvon on the Surface-Active Substance of the Rat Lung. 1969
  38 Effect of Detergents on Gas Absorption Process. 1971
  39 Effect of Surfactant Micelles on Metal Ion Removal by Flotation from Metallurgical Wastewater. 1971
  40 Electroosmotic Pumping for Dewatering Sewage Sludge. 1970
  41 Emerging abiotic in situ remediation technologies for ground water and soil : summary report. 1995
  42 Emerging technology report : bench-scale testing of photolysis, chemical oxidation and biodegradation of PCB contaminated soils, and photolysis of TCDD contaminated soil. {microform} / . 1994
  43 Enhanced Remediation Demonstrations at Hill AFB: Introduction. Chapter 20. 1998
  44 Enhancement of Reactivity in Surfactant-Modified Sorbents for Sulfur Dioxide Control. 1989
  45 EPA's Study of the Generation and Control of Air Pollutants from the Combustion of Orimulsion(Trade Name). 2001
  46 Evaluation and Comparison of the Cobalt Thiocyanate and Modified Dragendorf Reagent Test Methods for Nonionic Detergents. 1972
  47 Evaluation of foam scrubbing as a method for collecting fine particulate / 1977
  48 Evaluation of foams for mitigating air pollution from hazardous spills 1982
  49 Evaluation of foams for mitigating air pollution from hazardous spills {microform} / 1982
  50 Evaluation of Laboratory Tests to Determine the Effectiveness of Chemical Surface Washing Agents. 1993
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