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  1 Alternate methods of manure handling / 1978
  2 Analysis of the Impact of Delaying Compliance with 1977 Water Quality Standards. 1974
  3 Business guide for reducing solid waste. 1993
  4 Business guide for reducing solid waste. {microform} 1990
  5 Characterization and in-plant reduction of wastewater from hog slaughtering operations / 1977
  6 Compendium of Unimplemented Recommendations as of September 30, 2011. 2011
  7 Cost Impact of Marine Pollution on Recreation Travel Patterns. 1979
  8 Costs, benefits and methods of including tire inflation in state vehicle inspection programs / 1981
  9 Creating an Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Set-Aside in the NOx Budget Trading Program: Evaluation, Measurement, and Verification of Electricity Savings for Determining Emission Reductions from Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Actions. 2007
  10 Demonstration of waste flow reduction from households / 1974
  11 Denver Water Department Staff Review of Water for Denver: an Analysis of the Alternatives 1980
  12 Economic Impact Analysis of Effluent Standards for Total Dissolved Solids. 1978
  13 Effects of water conservation induced wastewater flow reduction : a perspective / 1980
  14 Emissions and fuel economy effects of the platinum gasaver, a retrofit device microform / 1991
  15 Energy Efficiency Program Administrators and Building Energy Codes: A Resource of the National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency. 2009
  16 ENERGY STAR Label Needs to Assure Superior Energy Conservation Performance. A Summary Report. 2010
  17 Environmental Management Systems: Systematically Improving Your Performance. Ports Sector. 2004
  18 Environmental Protection Agency, Office of the Inspector General Compendium of Unimplemented Recommendations as of March 31, 2012. 2012
  19 EPA evaluation of the Fuelon Power gasoline fuel additive under Section 511 of the motor vehicle information and cost savings act. 1993
  20 Evaluation of energy conservation measures for wastewater treatment facilities. 2010
  21 Evaluation of Remote Sensing Data for Input into Hydrological Simulation Program-FORTRAN (HSPF). 1981
  22 Evaluation of Savings from the Application of Adsil(Trade Name) in the NC/SC Charlotte Area. 2004
  23 Evaluation of the IDALERT device of the Motor Vehicle Information and Cost Savings Act / 1981
  24 Evaluation Report: Improvements Needed to Validate Reported ENERGY STAR Benefits. 2008
  25 Flow reduction : methods, analysis procedures, examples / 1981
  26 Full-scale demonstration of textile dye wastewater reuse 1985
  27 Getting more for less : improving collection efficiency. 1999
  28 Guide to Data Management for the Environmental Results Program, December 31, 2004. 2004
  29 Hydrograph Controlled Release Lagoons: Update For A Promising Technology, Volume 2, Appendices 1987
  30 Irrigation controllers : timers for the homeowner : recommended water saving features. 2003
  31 Minimization of Water Use in Leafy Vegetable Washers. / 1977
  32 Model Energy Efficiency Program Impact Evaluation Guide. A Resource of the National action Plan for Energy Efficiency. 2007
  33 Multimaterial Source Separation in Marblehead and Somerville, Massachusetts: Energy Use and Savings from Source-Separated Materials and Other Solid Waste Management Alternatives for Marblehead. Volume 4. 1979
  34 Mutual Savings Institution. The biography of a great financial institution, 1920-1957. 1957
  35 National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency: A Plan Developed by More than 50 Leading Organizations in Pursuit of Energy Savings and Environmental Benefits through Electric and Natural Gas Energy Efficiency. 2006
  36 National Satellite Video Conference on Source Protection of Drinking Water Supplies, May 14, 1997 {Announcement} 1997
  37 Need for and Approaches to Developing Common Protocols to Measure, Verify and Report Energy Efficiency Savings in the Northeast. 2006
  38 Office of Research and Development Needs to Improve Its Method of Measuring Administrative Savings. Evaluation Report. 2011
  39 Planning Models for Urban Water Supply Expansion. Volume 2. Cost Allocation Policies for Regional Water Supply Systems. 1987
  40 Planning Models for Urban Water Supply Expansion. Volume 3. The Regional Intertemporal Cost Allocation Problem: A Simplified Methodology Based on the Shapley Value. 1987
  41 Practical Technology: Hydrograph Controlled Release Lagoons, A Promising Modification 1984
  42 Pre-Rinse Spray Valves Field Study Report. EPA Water Sense. 2011
  43 Promoting Green Purchasing: Tools and Resources to Quantify the Benefits of Environmentally Preferable Purchasing. 2006
  44 Putting Energy into Stewardship: Energy Star (Trade Name) for Congregations Guide. 2000
  45 Reducing Stormwater Costs through Low Impact Development (LID) Strategies and Practices / 2007
  46 Reduction in Waste Load from a Duck Processing Plant. 1988
  47 Report to Congress Industrial Cost Exclusion. 1981
  48 Residential Water Conservation: An Annotated Bibliography. 1980
  49 Residential Water Conservation: An Annoted Bibliography 1980
  50 Resource and Environmental Impacts of Trends in U.S. Agriculture. 1983
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