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  1 1976 Energy Fact Book. 1975
  2 A feasibility analysis of incinerator systems for restoration of oil contaminated beaches / 1970
  3 A review and assessment of factors affecting hydraulic conductivity values determined from slug tests / 1994
  4 Alberta oil sands : energy, industry and the environment / 2012
  5 Alternative control techniques document : for PM-10 emissions from ferrous foundries. 1992
  6 Alternative control techniques document--for PM-10 emissions from ferrous foundries {microform} / 1992
  7 Alternative daily cover materials for municipal solid waste landfills 1992
  8 Alternative Fuels for Automotive Transportation. A Feasibility Study. Volume II. Technical Section. 1974
  9 America's strategic unconventional fuels {electronic resource} / 2007
  10 Anaconda Revegetation Treatability Studies Phase III: Implementability of Field Demonstrations (final report) 1996
  11 Anaconda Revegetation Treatability Studies Phase IV: Monitoring and Evaluation (final report) 1997
  12 Animal-sediment Relationships Of The Upper and Central Chesapeake Bay (june 1983) 1983
  13 Animal-Sediment Relationships of the Upper and Central Chesapeake Bay. 1983
  14 Appalachian mineral resource development : environmental factors / 1977
  15 Application of Seismic Shear Wave Studies to the Investigation of Aquifers. 1973
  16 Arsenic Removal from Drinking Water By Adsorptive Media U.S. EPA Demonstration Project at Desert Sands MDWCA, NM, Final Performance Evaluation Report. 2008
  17 Arsenic removal from drinking water by adsorptive media U.S. EPA demonstration project at Desert Sands, MDWCA, NM : six month evaluation report / [electronic resource] : 2005
  18 Arsenic removal from drinking water by adsorptive media U.S. EPA demonstration project at Valley Vista, AZ : final performance evaluation report / [electronic resource] : 2007
  19 Assessment of Industrial Hazardous Waste Practices in the Metal Smelting and Refining Industry. Volume III. Ferrous Smelting and Refining. 1977
  20 Bacterial TOC (Total Organic Carbon) Removal on Sand and GAC (Granular Activated Carbon). 1984
  21 Beneficial Reuse of Foundry Sand: A Review of State Practices and Regulations. 2002
  22 Bibliography of aquatic ecosystem effects, analytical methods and treatment technologies for organic compounds in advanced fossil-fuel processing effluents / 1980
  23 Bibliography of Aquatic Ecosystem Effects, Analytical Methods and Treatment Technologies for Organic Compounds in Advanced Fossil-Fuel Processing Effluents. Volume 2. 1980
  24 Biodegradation of Cresol Isomers in Anoxic Aquifers. 1987
  25 Canada's toxic tar sands the most destructive project on Earth / [electronic resource] : 2008
  26 Capital costs of arsenic removal technologies, U.S. EPA arsenic removal technology demonstration program, round 1 [electronic resource] / 2004
  27 Case Study of the Hydrogeologic Conditions in the Outcrop Area of an Aquifer. 1972
  28 Cell Density and Non-Equilibrium Sorption Effects on Bacterial Dispersal in Groundwater Microcosms. 1992
  29 Characterization and treatment of emissions from a mining oil sands complex 1985
  30 Characterization of PM-10 Emissions from Antiskid Materials Aplied to Ice- and Snow-Covered Roadways. Phase 2. 1995
  31 Characterization protocol for radioactive contaminated soils {microform}. 1992
  32 Characterization protocol for radioactive contaminated soils. 1992
  33 Chemical Weathering and Solution Chemistry in Acid Forest Soils: Differential Influence of Soil Type, Biotic Processes, and H+ Deposition. 1985
  34 Column Experiments and Anomalous Conductivity Hydrocarbon-Impacted Sands. 2000
  35 Concurrent Measurement of Intertidal Environmental Variables and Embryo Survival for the California Grunion, 'Leuresthes tenuis', and Atlantic Silverside, 'Menidia menidia' (Pisces: Atherinidae). 1983
  36 Contourites in Lake Superior. 1980
  37 Cosolvent Effects on Sorption and Mobility of Organic Contaminants in Soils. 1990
  38 Design and Field Demonstration of a Low-NOx Burner for TEOR (Thermally Enhanced Oil Recovery) Steamers. 1984
  39 Determination of capillary pressure-saturation curves involving TCE, water, and air for a sand and a sandy clay loam 1994
  40 Determination of capillary pressure-saturation curves involving TCE, water, and air for a sand and a sandy clay loam {microform} / 1994
  41 Development document for interim final effluent limitations, guidelines, and standards of performance--mineral mining and processing industry / 1975
  42 Development of a capillary wick unsaturated zone pore water sampler. 1988
  43 Development of a Mobile System for Cleaning Oil-Contaminated Beaches 1973
  44 Development of a System to Protect Groundwater Threatened by Hazardous Spills on Land. 1981
  45 Development of America's strategic unconventional fuels resources initial report to the President and the Congress of the United States / {electronic resource} : 2006
  46 Dinoflagellate Phagotrophy in the Upper Great Lakes. 1980
  47 Distribution of Protozoa in Subsurface Sediments of a Pristine Groundwater Study Site in Oklahoma (Journal Version). 1987
  48 DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) Adsorption to Soils and Sediments. 1988
  49 Drilling and Constructing Monitoring Wells with Hollow-Stem Augers. Part 1. Drilling Considerations (Journal Version). 1987
  50 Drilling and Constructing Monitoring Wells with Hollow-Stem Augers. Part 2. Monitoring Well Installation (Journal Version). 1988
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